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23 Brilliant Pottery Classes In Singapore (2023)

Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links and I may get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

Are you looking to sign up for pottery classes in Singapore

Make sure to read this article till the end because you are on the right site. 

Maybe you are looking for a therapeutic activity to do to release all the lemons that life gives you. 

Or maybe you plan to have a great time with your loved one or friends creating ceramic wares that you can proudly flaunt around, even if you are a total beginner. 

Or you just want to pick up pottering making skills as a new hobby instead of window shopping every single week in Singapore. 

No matter which group you are in, rest assured that I have got your back. 

Check out these top 23 pottery classes in Singapore where you can go to learn this ancient craft from the experienced pottery instructors and bring home the ceramic pieces that you can truly call your own.

Let’s dive in.

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Best Pottery Class Singapore: Summary

  1. Goodman Ceramic Studio
  2. Studio Asobi
  3. Urth & Phire
  4. Taoz Ceramics Studio
  5. Mud Rock Ceramics
  6. Ves Studio
  7. Am I Addicted Ceramic Studio & Cafe
  8. Sam Mui Kuang Pottery
  9. The 8th Floor Creative Space
  10. Terra & Ember
  11. The Potters’ Guilt
  12. Boon’s Pottery
  13. Arudio Studio
  14. Dirty Hands Only
  15. School of Clay Arts
  16. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
  17. Padme Hum Studio
  18. Common Touch Craft
  19. Ceramic House
  20. Clay Cove
  21. Center Pottery Singapore/3Arts
  22. Blackjack Studio Pottery
  23. The Clay People Ceramics Studio
pottery classes singapore
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Goodman Ceramic Studio

Whether you want to spend some time learning rather unconventional skills alone or with a partner, friends or family members, Goodman Ceramic Studio has you covered.

Helmed by Director Hazel Wong, you are definitely in the good hands of the highly experienced trainers over here. 

Goodman Ceramic Studio offers several programmes that cater to everyone’s needs, including newbies and professional ceramists alike. 

Most of the packages in Goodman Ceramic Studio start from $190

pottery class singapore - goodman ceramic studio
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Photo Credit: Goodman Ceramic Studio

If you are not sure if handbuilding and wheel throwing is your kind of thing, fret not—you can sign up for the respective trial class for $68 and $78 and test them out to see if it is to your liking!

Goodman Ceramic Studio also offers the My First Clay Mug workshop to participants who are not keen to build pottery from scratch but still want to have fun unleashing their artistic sides.

For this $65 programme, a ready-made mug will be provided and you can decorate it however you like with the provided tools and bring it back home boasting your masterpiece. 

Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi is a home pottery studio operated by the wife-and-husband team, Huiwen and Kenneth

Since 2018, Studio Asobi has been providing volunteer pottery workshops to the injured migrant workers as a means of giving back to society. 

So for those who would like to do good while having fun learning this craft, you can consider signing up for Studio Asobi’s Living Clay Pottery Workshop

pottery classes in singapore - studio asobi
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Photo Credit: Studio Asobi

This beginner-friendly 3-hour workshop teaches participants the basic techniques of hand-building, coiling, attachment forming and carving, offering complimentary snacks and drinks. 

And the best part is Studio Asobi will glaze and fire your very own handmade vessel for free! All these for $95

If you prefer to immerse into the art creation process at a slower pace, consider booking their soothing 6-hour Pottery Spiritual Retreat with a fee of $160

Urth & Phire

Not sure if you want to commit to a mid three-figured pottery course? 

Urth & Phire is one of the pottery studios in Singapore that offer trial classes for water-testing participants. 

For just $60, newbies are provided with the materials, tools, and equipment to learn basic pottery-making skills within 1.5 hours. The affordable price is also inclusive of glazing and firing of the pottery piece for yours to keep. 

If you plan to venture down the rabbit hole of the pottery world, you can opt for Urth & Phire’s Beginner and Advance Wheel Pottery courses

Each course comes with a total of eight sessions where the friendly instructors will monitor and guide the individual participants accordingly depending on their progress. 

After you have completed the course and are keen to hone your skills by creating more pieces, Urth & Phire also offers the Studio Practice Package to their students for $220

pottery classes singapore - urth and phire
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Photo Credit: Urth & Phire

Tip: Wondering how to pronounce this studio’s name? It is “earth and fire”. You are welcome!

Taoz Ceramics Studio

Opened in 2013, Taoz Ceramics Studio has been offering a safe space for pottery enthusiasts to learn the traditional craft and create their art. 

This pottery studio offers trial classes too on wheel throwing for $40 for 30 minutes

Apart from that, Taoz Ceramics Studio also provides pottery classes of three varying levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) for those who are keen to take up this calming hobby. 

pottery class in singapore - Taoz Ceramic
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The students will be provided with all the necessary materials and equipment in making the ceramic pieces during the lessons. Glazing and firing for the first round are free of charge too.

If you are worried that you couldn’t commit for long, cast that doubt away—Taoz Ceramics Studio allows their participants to share the signed-up class with a friend!

  • 10 lessons $650
  • 20 lessons $1150
  • 40 lessons $2000

Book your pottery session for 2 pax at Taoz Ceramic Studio at a cheaper price!

Mud Rock Ceramics

Mud Rock Ceramics could perhaps be one of the most credible pottery studios in Singapore to get to dive into the clay-shaping craft. 

That’s because their clientele list is nothing but impressive

Apart from having worked with local agencies and international brands like the National Gallery of Singapore and Aesop, this professional potter was once commissioned to gift ceramic wares to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

And some might find Mud Rock Ceramics’s classes pricey. The pottery studio offers both beginner and advanced-level classes for those who are interested in picking up this interesting craft from the pro. 

For 5 lessons, you can expect to pay $330/pax and $300/pax for Beginner and Advance Classes respectively. 

Note: Firing charges are not included for Advance Class. 

pottery classes in singapore - mud rock studio
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Photo Credit: Mud Rock Ceramics

Nevertheless, you can also sign up for their 2.5-hour trial lesson at $83 creating your masterpiece under the guidance of an experienced instructor. 

One of the things to consider before starting the pottery-making session is to keep your long hair up and away from your face

So that you can focus doing the craft without worrying about the hair getting in your way or risk spending a long time to get the fallen hair out from the clay mixture. 

So remember to tie up your hair with headband like YONUF Boho Headband and have an enjoyable pottery session!

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Ves Studio

If you are determined to commit to learning the pottery foundation to create your own porcelain mugs, and plates, consider signing up for Ves Studio’s beginners class.

That’s because Ves Studio does not offer any trial lessons to their participants.

Co-owned by experienced ceramists Jeanette Adrienne Wee, Ves Studio believes in teaching the pottery techniques for students through the courses for them to truly grasp. 

Aside from providing pottery lessons, Ves Studio also sells their handmade brand of minimalistic-looking wares, including cups, bowls, and so on.  

pottery class singapore - ves studio
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Photo Credit: Ves Studio

Am I Addicted

Looking to fill your tummy with delicious vegan food after filling your heart with unleashing your creativity by creating pottery pieces? 

Well, make your way to Am I Addicted Ceramic Studio & Cafe

Strived to build a like-minded community, Am I Addicted Studio offers both trial lessons and wheel throwing courses to anyone interested in taking up pottery-making skills. 

pottery class in singapore - Am I Addicted
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This spacious studio also provides a place and tools for pottery enthusiasts to hone and continue improving their skills by creating different ceramic vessels. 

And once you are done playing with the clay, simply head to its pretty cafe and pamper yourself with a healthy, delicious Korean meal! 

pottery classes in singapore - am i addicted studio
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Photo Credit: Am I Addicted

The slots in this pretty studio can run out fast so make sure to get your Am I Addicted slots booked early online!

Sam Mui Kuang Pottery

Sam Mui Kuang Pottery is local pottery in Singapore run by a family of potters

Located at Yishun, this studio offers pottery classes to both beginners and advanced enthusiasts

The classes are taught by a trio of Master Potters (Chua Soo Kim, Chua Soo Khim, and Patsy Chua)  who have vast decades of experience in this field. 

pottery class singapore - Sam Mui Kuang Pottery
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Photo Credit: Sam Mui Kuang Pottery

Participants can sign up for the 2 courses offered by Sam Mui Kuang Pottery; handbuilding and wheel throwing. 

With 10 sessions each, the handbuilding and wheel throwing courses cost $500 and $580 respectively. The costs are inclusive of the materials, tools, and firing. 

Tip: Sam Mui Kuang Pottery was one of the first few firms in Singapore to have a dragon kiln

The 8th Floor Creative Space

Feeling worried that you couldn’t keep up with the expensive pottery course, being left behind, and ended up wasting your hard-earned money and time?

Well, you can rest assured that your pottery learning progress is taken seriously by the experienced instructors at The 8th Floor Creative Space

Being the first private studio in Singapore emphasising student progress monitoring, The 8th Floor Creative Space studio also provides personalised programs tailored to students’ learning pace and needs. 

pottery classes singapore - The 8th Floor Creative Space
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Photo Credit: The 8th Floor Creative Space

Currently, they are offering Wheel Throwing Courses that are divided into two distinct phases

Each phase comes with 10 individual 3-hour lessons, where the first phase is all about creating domestic objects. This includes bowls, cups, and plates. 

If you are keen to advance to the next pottery-making level, consider signing up for the second phase of the course. 

In this phase, participants are taught techniques in the construction of decorative objects. Think vases, artistic pottery, and tableware. 

And the best part is—this $599 course (each phase) price is inclusive of clay and house glazes!

Terra & Ember

Terra & Ember is another home pottery studio offering solid pottery classes in Singapore. 

Its one-time Wheel Throwing Experience workshop teaches students the fundamentals and transforms the ball of clay into ceramic pieces within a short period. 

For anyone who is hooked by this artistic channel, one can continue to delve into the pottery world by signing up for Terra & Ember’s Flexi Course. 

This is for those who require better flexibility and control of their ceramic making learning pace and eventually creating their preferred vessels under the instructor’s guidance. 

Alternatively, if you are a big fan of small little things, opt for Terra & Ember’s signature course—the Mini Pottery Workshop

pottery class in singapore - terra and ember
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Photo Credit: Terra & Ember

In this course, you will learn how to shape the clay into mini decorative ceramic wares using the electrical wheel and simple tools. 

You can also unleash your artistic side when painting the wares during the workshop, feeling proud and accomplished once your very first handmade decorative set is finally completed! 

The Potters’ Guilt

If you prefer to experience both wheel throwing and handbuilding skills within a single lesson, then pottery classes offered by The Potters’ Guilt are your best bet. 

Located in Chinatown, the experienced artists in The Potters’ Guilt are well-trained, boasting great achievements and awards. 

The Pottery Do-It-All workshop will show you the basic foundation of the said pottery techniques so that you are well on your way to creating your ceramic wares within 3 hours for $88

For those who couldn’t commit to long hours, you can opt for the 1.5-hour Potter’s Guilt Pottery On The Wheel workshop to get a fun hands-on experience moulding the clay and learning the basic wheel throwing foundation.

Tip: Students need to pay for the ceramic pieces firing and glazing at $10 per piece. 

pottery class in singapore - The Potters’ Guilt
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Photo Credit: The Potters’ Guilt

This minimalistic studio also offers an OTOT (Own Time Own Target) programme specifically dedicated to its alumni. 

This allows their students to keep learning and improving their pottery skills with the provided space, tools, and facilities for a membership fee. 

And to finally bid farewell to all sorts of excuses for not honing your techniques.

Tired of making a mess on your clothing when you are too deep into focus moulding the clay?

Consider investing into a good quality potter apron like CLAYPRON Artist Potters Apron to protect your fav clothes from the clay dirt. 

Also you can reach the pottery tools easily from the potter apron’s pockets!

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Boon’s Pottery

Established by Chuan Siang Boon in 1998, this unassuming pottery studio grew from a one-man show to a group of enthusiastic artists and instructors.

Many of the ceramic creations by Master Boon were sold worldwide, so you can expect to be in good hands learning the craft in Boon’s Pottery.

Boon’s Pottery offers 1.5-hour wheel throwing or handbuilding trial lessons and 4 sessions of  3-hour wheel throwing and handbuilding workshops to the public. 

pottery classes singapore - boon's pottery
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Photo Credit: Boon’s Pottery

The trial lesson costs $80, while the more comprehensive workshops cost $280.

Tip: The costs are inclusive of clay and firing charges in the making of your ceramic workpieces during lessons. 

Arudio Studio

Looking for some date ideas in Singapore to spend some quality time with your significant other without burning a hole in your wallet? 

Well, sign up for an enjoyable couple pottery class at Arudio Studio

Arudio Studio offers trial lessons for both handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques. Each trial lesson is about 3 hours long and costs $130/2 pax

For this option, the cost is inclusive of firing and glazing services. 

Note: If you want to create your own cup and plate, opt for handbuilding lessons. But if you prefer to bring back a mug and bowl, wheel throwing should be your first pick. 

pottery class in singapore - arudio studio
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Photo Credit: Arudio Studio

If you and your partner are serious about taking up this therapeutic hobby, consider enrolling on Arudio Studio’s Regular Wheel Throwing or Handbuilding Classes.   

Expect to fork out $300/pax and $580/pax for 5 and 10 sessions respectively where you can create unlimited vessels throughout the workshop. 

Nevertheless, the firing cost will be billed separately depending on the sizes of ceramic pieces. 

Alternatively, if the glazing process fascinates you, you can join Arudio Studio’s glazing workshop to learn the different glazing techniques. 

This 2-hour workshop costs $35/pax. 

Dirty Hands Only

Dirty Hands Only studio has been operating in Singapore for the past 6 years. 

Its 2-hour Dirty Weekday Course allows students to experience creating ceramic wares using wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques for just $90, inclusive of 2 unique handmade vessels. 

pottery class in singapore - dirty hands only
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Photo Credit: Dirty Hands Only

This pretty pottery studio also offers a more in-depth wheelthrowing workshop for $340.

And at the end of this 4 Tries workshop, participants will bring back 6 self-made ceramic pieces and tons of fun, dirty hands memories. 

School of Clay Arts

Being in a new environment to learn a new skill can be daunting at times, especially for a novice. 

With this kind of empathy in mind, the School of Clay Arts creates an inviting space for all by conducting a thorough studio walkthrough and spending time with students to understand their needs and preferences.

For those who couldn’t commit to long learning hours, the School of Clay Arts has an introductory pottery class called Intro to Pottery Workshop. 

For $98/pax, students are taught the basic skills of handbuilding in creating a bowl under the friendly instructor’s supervision within 2.5 hours. 

pottery classes in singapore - school of clay arts
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Photo Credit: School of Clay Arts

For a more in-depth pottery workshop, one can consider signing up for Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding followed by Wheel Throwing Foundations.

Each workshop costs $600 (8 sessions) and $300 (5 sessions) respectively. 

Note: In School of Clay Arts, Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding is the prerequisite for Wheel Throwing Foundations.

At the end of the courses, students will bring back 3 ceramic wares and learn important techniques hands-on like coil, slab, pinch construction, centring, coning, and so much more. 

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Pottery classes offered by Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle studio are perhaps one of the most affordable ones on this list. 

Located in a rustic area in Singapore, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is the home to the last and functioning dragon kiln—a traditional firing chamber of more than 25 metres long that has existed since 1940.

pottery classes singapore - Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
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Photo Credit: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

So if you are looking forward to hanging out with your kids than at the typical shopping mall, this old-school pottery studio is the right place to be.

Apart from that, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle also offers pottery workshops to the public.  

One of the highly sought-after workshops is the one-time off I Love Pottery Workshop. 

This engaging activity is conducted within 2 hours, where a parent can pair up with their kid to create 2 artistic ceramic wares using both handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques. 

Parent and child (below 7 years old) pairing for this workshop costs $65.

If you have a fur kid instead, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle also comes with a unique Paw Stamping Workshop

Rather than bringing your pet to the dog cafes on weekends, you can spend quality time with your pet by creating a ceramic bowl together and keeping it as a memento. 

pottery classes in singapore - Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
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Photo Credit: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Padme Hum Studio

Looking for a pottery class in Singapore where you are free to dream wildly and mould the clay into whatever things that you want? 

Padme Hum Studio is definitely the place you should not miss!

This lovely studio encourages its participants to express themselves through ceramic pieces creations. The experienced instructors will then guide and impart the necessary skills to achieve the goal! 

pottery class in singapore - Padme Hum Studio
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Photo Credit: Padme Hum Studio

Unlike other pottery studios in Singapore, all Padme Hum Studio workshops are inclusive of the material, tools, and firing charges. 

So let your creative juice flow without boundaries and have fun getting your hands dirty over here! 

Common Touch Craft

Founded by ceramist enthusiasts Fyon Cheong and Zestro Leow, Common Touch Craft welcomes anyone keen to dive into the pottery world.

You do not need to have prior pottery-making experience, as there will be experienced instructors to guide you throughout the session. 

Opt for Common Touch Craft’s one-time Hand & Wheel to kickstart your journey in creating the ceramic pieces. You can expect to bring home two to three wares by the end of the 3-hour lesson. 

This modern studio also offers several other exclusive workshops, like vase handbuilding workshop, sake ware painting workshop, ramen bowl painting workshop and others. 

pottery classes singapore - Common Touch Craft
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Photo Credit: Common Touch Craft

Ceramic House

Another studio located in the East region that conducts pottery classes in Singapore is Ceramic House

Singapore Easties, rejoice!

Founded by Master Potters Lim and Shee, Ceramic House has been operating since the 1980s

There are plenty of pottery classes offered by Ceramic House, including trial, beginner, advanced, and children’s classes.

If you are looking for a de-stressing activity to do with your friends of five or more, opt for the personalised bonding class to enjoy additional discounts. 

pottery class singapore - ceramic house
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Photo Credit: Ceramic House

One point to bear in mind before visiting Ceramic House is that the firing service is not included in the workshop cost

Depending on the ceramic ware size, expect to pay a minimum charge of $8 for the firing service.

Clay Cove

Clay Cove is one of the few studios in Singapore offering pottery classes that are kids centric

There are plenty of children’s courses to choose from, depending on your kid’s preference and interest. 

Alternatively, you can join the fun and pair up with your child in creating your one-of-a-kind ceramic cup and saucer pieces and tons of great memories along the way for just $200

Note: The 1.5-hour workshop price is inclusive of materials, tools, and firing services. 

Clay Cove also has dedicated adult workshops to learn the basics of pottery-making. 

For those who are keen to gift a ceramic piece to their loved ones, consider joining Clay Cove’s Create & Paint A Clay Gift workshop

Participants can select the gift design and a step-by-step worksheet will be provided to create the preferred design. And don’t worry, experienced instructors will be there to guide you too.

pottery class in singapore - clay cove
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Photo Credit: Clay Cove

Centre Pottery Singapore/3Arts

The Centre Pottery Singapore/3Arts incorporates mental health wellness principles into their pottery curriculum

The founder, Joan Huang, believes that pottery-making helps in self-discovery and centring the mind and spirit and eventually achieving tranquillity. 

Be it a novice who is just dipping their toes into the pottery world or a seasoned potter who wants to improve their pottery skills, there is something for everyone here in this modern studio. 

pottery classes in singapore - Centre Pottery Singapore
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Photo Credit: The Centre Pottery Singapore

The Centre Pottery Singapore/3Arts studio has both trial and regular pottery workshops. 

The trial workshops include Pottery Wheel Throwing and Pottery Handbuilding, where these beginner-friendly workshops are 2.5-hour long and cost $83.20 each

The price is inclusive of the firing and glazing services of 1 ceramic piece.   

Blackjack Studio Pottery

Blackjack Studio Pottery is founded by Lim Meng Khuang, a veteran ceramic artist

This minimalistic studio is currently located near the lush greenery of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, offering a calm haven to immerse into the pottery world, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.  

pottery classes singapore - Blackjack Studio Pottery
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Photo Credit: Blackjack Studio Pottery

Like many other pottery classes in Singapore, Blackjack Studio Pottery focuses on teaching the foundation of wheel throwing and handbuilding through their comprehensive basic courses. 

The workshop prices for wheel throwing and handbuilding are $250 and $260 respectively where they will be completed in 4 sessions. 

Note: The wheel throwing price is not inclusive of material costs and firing service.  

The Clay People Ceramics Studio

Run by experienced head ceramist Teo Boon Gim, The Clay People Ceramics Studio offers an inviting space for like-minded pottery enthusiasts to gather and express their limitless imagination through this ancient art. 

pottery classes in singapore - The Clay People Ceramics Studio
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Photo Credit: The Clay People Ceramics Studio

This humble studio conducts several workshops that target both novices and advanced level students.  

For those who would like to have the first taste of creating their 2 ceramic pieces within 3 hours, consider opting for Muddy Hands Trial Workshop.  

At just $85 you have access to the tools and unlimited clay usage. The price is also inclusive of firing and glazing services. 

You can find The Clay People Ceramics Studios at Toa Payoh and Marina One. 

FAQs: Pottery Classes Singapore

Pottery Class Singapore Price

Pottery Class Singapore Couple

You can join pretty much any pottery class in Singapore with your partner to create your own ceramic wares and great memories together. 

Nevertheless, some pottery studios offer special prices for couples or require a minimum of 2 pax to sign up. 

StudioWorkshop NameDurationPrice (Single)Price (Couple or 2 pax)
Mud Rock CeramicsAd Hoc Class2.5 hours$83/pax$160 ($80/pax)
Arudio StudioHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing Trial Class 3 hours$70$130
Dirty Hands OnlyA Dirty Weekday or A Dirty Weekend2 hoursNA$180 (Weekdays) or $200 (Weekends)

Note: The information is accurate as of 17th June 2022. 

Pottery Trial Class Singapore

Here is the list of studios in Singapore that offer trial pottery classes:

Studio Trial Pottery ClassDurationPrice/PaxFiring InclusiveGlazing Inclusive
Goodman Ceramic StudioHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing 2 hours/ 1 hour$68/ $78YesNo
Studio AsobiHandbuilding3 hours$95YesYes
Urth & PhireWheel Throwing1.5 hours$60YesYes
Taoz Ceramics StudioWheel Throwing30 minutes$40YesYes
Mud Rock CeramicsWheel Throwing2.5 hours$83YesYes
Am I AddictedWheel Throwing1 hour$55NoNo
Terra & EmberWheel Throwing2 hours$76YesNo
The Potters’ GuiltWheel Throwing1.5 hours$58No No
Boon’s PotteryHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing1.5 hours$80YesNo
Arudio StudioHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing3 hours$70($130/2 pax)YesYes
Dirty Hands OnlyHandbuilding & Wheel Throwing2 hours$90 or $100 (Weekdays or Weekends)
School of Clay ArtsHandbuilding2.5 hours$98YesYes
Thow Kwang Pottery JungleWheel Throwing2 hours$80YesYes
Padme Hum StudioHandbuilding & Wheel Throwing2 hours$85YesYes
Common Touch CraftHandbuilding & Wheel Throwing3 hours$85YesNo
Ceramic HouseHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing2 hours$80NoNo
Centre Pottery Singapore/3ArtsHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing2.5 hours$83.20YesYes
Blackjack Studio PotteryHandbuilding or Wheel Throwing3 hours/ 2.5 hours$70/ $90YesYes
The Clay People Ceramics StudioHandbuilding 2 to 3 hours$85YesYes

Note: The information is accurate as of 17th June 2022. 

pottery class in singapore
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1 Day Pottery Class Singapore

Some pottery workshops require one to commit at least several weeks to learn the ceramic-making techniques in detail.

But if you only have 1 day to spare to dive into the pottery world, consider signing up for pottery classes with these studios in Singapore: 

  • Goodman Ceramic Studio
  • Studio Asobi
  • Urth & Phire
  • Taoz Ceramics Studio
  • Mud Rock Ceramics
  • Am I Addicted Ceramic Studio & Cafe
  • Terra & Ember
  • The Potters’ Guilt
  • Boon’s Pottery
  • Arudio Studio
  • Dirty Hands Only
  • School of Clay Arts
  • Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
  • Padme Hum Studio
  • Common Touch Craft
  • Ceramic House
  • Centre Pottery Singapore/3Arts
  • Blackjack Studio Pottery
  • The Clay People Ceramics Studio

Pottery Class Singapore Skillsfuture

As of this day, there are no pottery classes in Singapore that are Skillsfuture claimable. 

Top 23 Pottery Classes In Singapore: Conclusion

So here you go—the top 23 pottery classes in Singapore to choose from to learn pottery-making skills.

Depending on your preference, you can sign up for trial classes offered by these studios before committing to a longer period of in-depth pottery workshops. 

Regardless of which classes you choose, you will feel fulfilled and accomplished for having to make your own ceramic wares from scratch and unleashing your limitless creativity. 

If you find this article useful, make sure to share it with your friends or family members and get them on board to build unique vessels with clay while having a great bonding session. 

Have fun!

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