Packing List For Singapore
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Packing List For Singapore: 47 Essential Items (2023)

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Are you searching for a detailed packing list for Singapore?

Look no further; you have come to the right site!

Singapore is a vibrant metropolis offering plenty of stunning attractions, unique architectural marvels, rich multicultural heritage, mouth-watering local cuisines, and so much more. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to know what are the necessary items to pack and arrange into your luggage or trusty backpack so that you can enjoy your Singapore trip to the fullest. 

Especially when you have no prior travel experience to any Southeast Asian countries or this sunny island in particular.

Or you spend hours being indecisive on whether to include your brand-new, cosy winter coat into the Singapore travel packing list. (By the way, the answer is a big no-no.)  

So to make your Singapore packing activity a breeze, I have written a comprehensive article on the necessary items to pack before visiting this beautiful country. 

Let’s dive right in. 

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What Do I Need To Pack For Singapore

Luggage & Accessories

  1. Luggage
  2. Backpack
  3. Daypack
  4. Packing Cubes
  5. Waterproof Bag Cover


  1. Shirts
  2. Pants
  3. Shorts
  4. Sweater
  5. Dresses
  6. Underwear
  7. Swimsuit


  1. Rain Jacket
  2. Jacket
  3. Hat/Cap


  1. Walking Shoes
  2. Sandals
  3. Socks

Gadgets and Electronics

  1. Smartphone
  2. Universal Power Adapter
  3. Portable Charger
  4. Pocket WiFi
  5. Headphones
  6. E-reader
  7. Camera


  1. Toiletry Bag
  2. Laundry Bag
  3. Oral Care
  4. Shampoo/Bath Soap
  5. Deodorant
  6. Sunscreen
  7. First-Aid Kit
  8. Mosquito Repellent
  9. Hand Sanitiser
  10. Wet Wipes
  11. Tissue


  1. Travel Journal
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Umbrella
  4. Travel Wallet
  5. Passport Holder
  6. Travel Pillow
  7. Sleep Mask
  8. Earplugs
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Travel Game

Travel Guidebooks

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Singapore packing list
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Singapore Essential

Here are the quick links to useful resources and must-have essentials for your upcoming trip to Singapore

Travel packing can be stressful at times.

This is true especially when you don’t want to overspend your travel budget by buying the missed-out-on-packing important items in the foreign country or you couldn’t afford in forgetting some personal things like medicine, passport, and etc.

There was once I forgot to bring my personal medicine to Thailand and I had to spend all night literally hugging the toilet bowl to vomit due to food poisoning. Never did I travel to a foreign country for travelling after such experience without utilising a travel planner.

So to ensure that you have all the things that you need before flying and put a stop to the constant self-doubting cycle, get this Handy Travel Planner (which comes with helpful packing cheat sheet, accommodation details, budget overview, activities & food to try and additional bonuses!)

Sam Lee Travel - Handy Travel Planner
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Singapore Weather 

As Singapore is located near the equator, you can expect the weather to be humid and hot all year long. 

But don’t let that deter you from exploring this sunny island. 

The best time to travel to Singapore is from June to August, which happens to be the peak travel season. It is also the hottest period of the year. 

Though little, you can still expect rain showers within these few months. 

Singapore’s monsoon season falls from December till February

If you plan to visit during this season, make sure to pack along a lightweight rain jacket or a sturdy compact umbrella

Singapore Travel Essentials

Luggage & Accessories

  • Luggage: If you are the yes-to-luggage kind of traveller, travel to Singapore stylishly with this durable Samsonite Omni PC Luggage
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  • Backpack: I am definitely a backpack kind of traveller. What’s better than just grabbing your backpack and ditching the airport for the city directly once touchdown? If you are too, consider getting this lightweight Matein Backpack.
  • Daypack: Wondering how to keep your portable charger, extra clothing, foldable water bottle, etc for your day out in Singapore? A daypack to your rescue! This affordable Amazon Basics Packable Daypack is a good fit for you. 
  • Packing Cubes: I love using packing cubes when it comes to packing my bag for travel. This genius innovation frees up additional space in my backpack and keeps everything in order. 
  • Waterproof Bag Cover: Keep your bags dry by donning a waterproof bag to cover them. Check out LAMA Waterproof Bag Cover for this purpose.



  • Shirts: Be sure to include some breathable and lightweight T-shirts into your packing list for Singapore. Check out Gildan Women’s Softstyle Cotton T-Shirt.
  • Pants: The heat in Singapore can be slightly overwhelming at times. So it is best to wear breathable pants when you are here. My fav casual pants are Skechers Women’s Gowalk Pants.
  • Shorts: Shorts could be your next best friend when it comes to countries with humid weather. Though modern, it is still advisable to dress modestly, especially when visiting the local worshipping places in Singapore. Include short pants like Columbia Women’s Sandy River Cargo Shorts and pair it up with a scarf.
  • Sweater: Add a sweater into your clothing selection too before travelling to Singapore. If you want to opt for indoor things to do at night in Singapore like catching up on late-night movies, Hanes Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt would be a good fit. 
  • Dresses: Dresses can be your go-to apparel if you prefer to spend more time exploring the sunny island instead of matching the different pieces of clothing. Ladies will like LILBETTER Women’s Summer Casual Dress. Also, dress in this elegant JASAMBAC Women’s Party Dress for a fun night out at classy rooftop bars. 
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  • Underwear: Remember to always opt for breathable underwear fabric for all-year summer travel destinations like Singapore. 
  • Swimsuit: Pack a one-piece swimsuit for your dip at Sentosa beaches or in your hotel’s swimming pool. 


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  • Sweater: Singapore can be chilling at times in the air-conditioned malls or buildings as dusk settles in. Thus, be sure to include Goodthreads Men’s Sweater in your Singapore packing list.  
  • Underwear: Unless you are in the “going commando” mode, chances are you will still need a few pieces of underwear for your Singapore trip. 
  • Swimsuit: Having a dip with a view is among the top things to do in Singapore. Bring along a pair of swimsuits like TYR Sport Men’s Swim Suit for a minimalistic look. 
travel accessories singapore
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  • Rain Jacket: Though humid all year long, Singapore has monsoon seasons where rain is prevalent in December. So if you find yourself celebrating Christmas or New Year in Singapore, make sure to bring along a lightweight rain jacket. Check out Columbia Women’s Arcadia Ii Jacket or Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Jacket—its design is sleek.  
  • Jacket: If clothes layering is more of your thing, then consider adding jacket into your packing list to Singapore. At times you will find yourself shivering in the local shopping malls thanks to the cool breeze of the air-conditioner to compensate for the hot outdoor weather. Just bring along a jacket like Zeagoo Women’s Bomber Jacket or URBANFIND Men’s Bomber Jacket when you are on a shopping spree in Singapore.  
  • Hat/Cap: The bright sunlight in Singapore, especially in the afternoon, can be overwhelming at times. For this, the top travel accessories Singapore packing list to include is your fav travel cap or hat.  
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packing singapore
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Gadgets and Electronics

  • Smartphone: Having a smartphone with you while exploring Singapore is going to make your trip so much more convenient and stress-free. Download local navigation apps, take stunning photos, and stay connected with your friends and family—smartphone usage is almost limitless!
  • Universal Power Adapter: Regardless of which country you are visiting, make sure to bring along this reliable universal travel adapter
  • Portable Charger: With plenty of interesting attractions to explore in Singapore, you are bound to utilise your smartphone for photo-taking activities. Make sure your phone battery does not go flat throughout the outing with Anker Portable Charger
  • Pocket Wifi: Prefer to have stable internet connection no matter where you go in Singapore? Rent a pocket WIFI or consider getting a SIM Card data.
  • Headphones: Regardless of which country you are coming from, chances are it is going to take hours from getting to the airport and boarding the plane en route to Singapore before you can lie down on your hotel bed. So make yourself comfortable during the journey and soothe your nerves by listening to this your fav music with Anker Soundcore Life Q20
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  • E-reader: Alternatively, you may include a portable E-reader downloaded with your fav books into your packing Singapore travel list. More luggage space and less weight!
  • Camera: With plenty of Instagrammable places in Singapore, you might want to capture Insta-worthy shots with higher resolution cameras. My go-to travel camera is Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 Digital Camera
packing for singapore
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  • Toiletry Bag: Arrange and keep all your toiletries in the toiletry bag conveniently. 
  • Laundry Bag: Laundry charges in Singapore can be slightly pricey. Separate your dirty clothes away from the clean ones using a laundry bag
  • Oral Care: If you are not keen to use the hotel’s toothbrush and toothpaste, make sure to bring yours before visiting Singapore. But even if you don’t, you can always get these items easily from the local pharmacy. 
  • Sanitary Pads: There are plenty of sanitary pads brands sold in Singapore. But if you are afraid you can’t find your preferred brand, be sure to include sanitary pads in your packing for Singapore holiday list. 
  • Shampoo/Body Wash: Most hotels provide shampoo and bath soap to their guests. But if you prefer to use your fav shampoo brand, get its travel size.    
  • Deodorant: Even if you are not a big sweater, bring along your deodorant and make yourself smell good while you are out there exploring Singapore under the humid weather.
  • Sunscreen: Of course, sunscreen is one of the must-bring items for your packing list Singapore. Protect your skin from any potential sunburn using Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen
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  • First-Aid Kit: Unfortunate incidents can happen at times when you are travelling overseas. Prep yourself with the basic first-aid kit, including adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, gloves, and other before flying into Singapore. 
  • Mosquito Repellent: Apart from tall skyscrapers, Singapore is also home to many tranquil nature parks and hiking trails. If hiking is on your Singapore itinerary, make sure to bring along and spray Ultrathon Insect Repellent generously on your clothing to shoo the mosquitoes away. 
  • Hand Sanitiser: Get yourself PURELL Advanced Scented Hand Sanitizer so that you can sanitise your hands pretty quickly before chowing down the mouth-watering food and snacks in Singapore. 
  • Wet Wipes: Wet wipes can come in handy when you want to wipe your hands after eating or cleaning up the public table at the hawker centres. 
  • Tissue: Pack a few packs of tissue paper before flying in, though you can easily buy tissue at the local stores. 
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  • Travel Journal: Writing about your travel experience from good food to embarrassing moments in the travel journal can be exhilarating at times.
  • Sunglasses: Want to have that cool kids’ vibes against the hipster mural backdrop at Haji Lane in Singapore? Make sure to get yourself a pair of sunglasses before flying in.  
  • Umbrella: If you are not a big fan of wearing rain jackets, consider packing a mini-sized umbrella for your Singapore trip during monsoon season. 
  • Travel Wallet: Keep all your cash and cards securely in this Clifton Heritage Minimalist RFID Wallet.
  • Passport Holder: Aside from serving the aesthetic value, getting the right passport holder can secure your personal information and avoid identity theft. Check out Kate Spade Staci Passport Holder
  • Travel Pillow: Don’t let your bad sleeping posture on the plane ruin your travel plan after the Singapore touchdown. Have a good sleep throughout the flight with MLVOC Travel Pillow
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  • Sleep Mask: Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask is a must-have item in your Singapore packing list if you are a light sleeper. Say yes to a better sleep quality!
  • Earplugs: Earplugs are another must-have item for a light sleeper. These can be your saviour when you are surrounded by loud-crying babies on the flight or simply horrible snorers in your hostel dorm. 
  • Water Bottle: Generally, you can drink water out of the water pipe in Singapore. If you are travelling on a budget, make sure to include collapsible water bottle in your luggage so that you do not need to spend money on bottled water. 
  • Travel Game: Travel in a group of two or more? Kill the boredom by playing some travel games on the road.
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Travel Guidebooks

Though small, Singapore is a modern metropolis with plenty of attractions, architectural marvels, traditional heritages, and others. 

If you are keen to learn more about this marvellous city-state before flying in to get the best out of this travel experience, check out these recommended guidebooks

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Singapore Packing List: FAQs

1. What Should You Not Wear In Singapore

As you might have already known, Singapore is a tropical country with sunny and humid weather. So do not include any polyester apparel in your Singapore packing list. This fabric material retains heat and makes you sweat even more and cause discomfort. 

2. Can I Wear Flip Flops In Singapore

Flip-flops, sandals, and such are great footwear options to put on as this helps in drying up your feet faster after the recurrent rainfalls. Besides, flip-flops are typically worn by most residents too, typically among the youngsters. So feel free to wear flip-flops and blend into the local crowd.

singapore packing list
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Tips For Packing Travel Accessories Singapore

1. Prepare A Packing List

You thought you had a good memory by memorising things in your head until you realised that you misplaced a crucial item after reaching Singapore. 

To prevent that urgh disappointment, make sure to create a packing list on a piece of paper or phone at least a few weeks before your departure date. 

This will give you ample time to buy the necessary travel items and pack and stay excited about the upcoming trip! 

packing list for singapore
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2. Roll Your Clothes

If you have been folding your clothes into your luggage or backpack whenever you travel, you might want to change that approach. 

Instead of folding, rolling your clothes takes up less space and creates fewer clothes wrinkles.    

3. Utilise Dryer Sheet 

Want to keep your clothes smell fresh and pleasant for a long time even in humid weather? 

Place some dryer sheets onto your luggage or backpack—you will be glad that you did so! 

Packing List For Singapore: Conclusion

So here you go—a comprehensive packing list for Singapore that you can refer to for your upcoming trip to this sunny island!

Make sure to go through the list several times and pack the essential items so that you will have a blast and a pleasant travel experience throughout your stay in Singapore.  

Are there any other items that I missed out on? Let me know—I would really love to hear from you!

And if you find this article useful, I would appreciate it if you share it with your family members or friends who are planning to explore this stunning Southeast Asia country soon. 

Happy packing!

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