Hello there! My name is Sam—the owner of this Sam Lee Travel blog.

For the past ten years, I have travelled to several other fascinating Asian countries and visited their bustling cities, beautiful towns, and pristine islands to fulfil my never-ending wanderlust and experience the thrilling outdoor adventure and water sports. 

I like travelling to off beaten track places too, to a point that I received so many raised eyebrows and concerns from my family members and friends whenever I shared with them my next not-that-glam travel destination. 

I bet most of you guys have not heard of Harau Valley in Indonesia’s West Sumatra, right? 

You are welcome. 😉

Therefore, I am dedicating this travel blog to serve my precious readers (that’s you, by the way!) by sharing:

  • Comprehensive travel guides in Asian countries, particularly Southeast Asia
  • List of stunning off beaten track places that you can include besides the tourist-flocked cities
  • Practical travel tips and unique local customs of the visiting country that you can definitely rely on
  • Money-saving hacks so that you can save some to splurge during the local food hunting trip
  • Affordable, high-quality travel gears that provide exceptional comfort throughout your travel journey
  • The courage that you need to step out of your comfort zone/country, explore what this beautiful world can offer, and broaden your horizon and perspective

In other words, it is time to take out your half-rotten passport book from some corner of your wardrobe and treat it as your new loyal travel sidekick!

Sam Lee Travel blog is friendly to both group and solo travellers—so feel free to consume all the specially crafted detailed posts in this blog to your heart’s content and share them with your travel buddies for your next travel adventure!

I hope this small travel blog of mine will incite the curiosity in you and be a beacon of strength for you to head out and start exploring the world.

And even when an unfavourable incident happens along the way, you will pick yourself up, pat on your back, and keep moving forward because you have the whole travel community rallying behind you (I will be your biggest supporter!) while you are leaving your footsteps around the world!

Adventure is out there, 

Sam 🌏

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”

– Roman Payne

Truth To Share

Here are some of my unprecedented, nerve-wracking, and unforgettable travel experiences that I collected throughout the years: 

  • I was once chased by a baby goat (for no apparent reason) in Harau Valley, Indonesia when I was having a stroll along the river 🐐
  • I hugged the toilet bowl and vomited for the whole night due to food poisoning while my travel mates were having their time enjoying Thai massage in Krabi, Thailand 🚽
  • I clung onto my dear life (or rather the bed rails) for 6 hours when the bus driver sped on the dimly lit road at night en route to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh, Cambodia 🚌
  • One of the craziest trips that I have done is having a 7-day impromptu Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand food road trip 🚗
  • You can find the world’s best som tam (Thai papaya salad) in Koh Lipe, Thailand—hands down! 🥗
  • I wore the same pants for 10 days while I was in Taiwan because I would rather spend my money on street food than getting a clean, new pants. #foodieforlife 💰

Do you have any embarrassing or one-of-a-kind travel moments as well? 🤪 Share those precious experiences with me—I would really love to hear that! 😁

Location: Jewel Airport, Singapore