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33 Awesome Things To Do Alone In Singapore (2023)

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Do you want to know what things to do alone in Singapore

Make sure not to skip this article because you are on the right track!

Sometimes you just need some quality alone “me-time”.

Or sometimes you prefer to go solo because you have the power to do whatever and go wherever you want, without waiting for anyone else. #gosolotravellers

Or maybe you are just an introvert. 

Because zero drama is your live-by slogan.  

And I’ve got you covered. 

Continue to read on to learn the 33 awesome things to do alone in Singapore to fill your precious time so that you will come back either recharged, stronger, happier, confident or content after an enjoyable putting-your-interest-first activity. 

So let’s get into it.  

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What To Do When You’re Alone In Singapore: Summary

  1. Showcase Your Artistic Sides Through Art Jamming
  2. Have A Pampering Spa Session
  3. Museum & Galleries Hopping
  4. Have Fun At Sentosa 
  5. Sign Up For Group Outdoor Activities 
  6. Participate In Extreme Sports
  7. Explore A New Neighbourhood
  8. Have A Good Read At Library
  9. Look For Thrift Store Gems
  10. Create New Bonds With Pets
  11. Calm Your Nerves With Yoga
  12. Spend The Day At Haji Lane 
  13. Watch Movie At Cinema
  14. Visit Gardens by The Bay
  15. Get Close To Nature At Local Parks
  16. Sweat It Out Through Hiking
  17. Admire The City Skyline
  18. Visit The Many Religious Sites & Temples
  19. Unleash Your Inner Hulk At The Fragment Room
  20. Swing The Bad Vibes Away At SuperPark
  21. Attend A Fun-Filled Workshop 
  22. Explore Chinatown
  23. Sign Up For A Local Food Tour
  24. Opt For Staycation
  25. Admire World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall At Jewel Airport
  26. Watch Sunrise or Sunset
  27. Spend Money Shopping 
  28. Hunt For Instagrammable Spots
  29. Go For Rooftop Dining
  30. Cafe Hopping
  31. Stargazing at the Science Centre Observatory
  32. Visit Singapore Historical Sites
  33. Bring Yourself For A Picnic Date

Fun Things To Do Alone In Singapore

Showcase Your Artistic Sides Through Art Jamming

One of the best places to go in Singapore alone is going for a stress-free art jamming session to showcase your artistic sides.

Art cafes like Cafe de Paris offer a 3-hour package where participants can paint the canvas with the provided tools. 

places to go in singapore alone - art jamming
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Tip: A complimentary choice of drink is included in the ticket too. 

Have A Pampering Spa Session

I get it—most of the time our attention is diverted to so many things concurrently but ourselves. 

Over time, this unhealthy habit will cause us to feel burned out, weak, and grumpy.  

So throw away your smartphone (figuratively), bid farewell to your work emails, and head over to the local spa alone for a self-pampering session!

things to do alone in singapore- spa session
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Here are some Singapore spas to rejuvenate yourself:    

Museum & Galleries Hopping

Get yourself some artistic me-time by admiring the stunning artwork, precious artefacts, or one-of-kind objects at the local museums and galleries in Singapore. 

Some of the museums and galleries here have several exhibitions showcasing different artwork themes in a year. 

With this, you can expect to see an entirely new collection at the same gallery within a span of a few months. 

If you are keen on to museum and gallery hopping, here are my recommendations

places to go alone in singapore - National Gallery Singapore
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Location: National Gallery Singapore

Have Fun At Sentosa 

You can never go wrong and be bored spending time alone at Sentosa. 

If you want to bring the inner kid personality out of you, seeing both small and big sea creatures in The SEA Aquarium is going to be so much fun. 

Or if you want to get on the fast rides that can make you shout your lungs out, you will get the most bang for your bucks at Universal Studios Singapore

where to go alone in singapore - Universal Studio Singapore
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For those who are on a tight budget, rest assured that you can find free and equally engaging Sentosa activities to do including: 

  • Visit Fort Siloso
  • Chilling at Tanjong Beach
  • Hike at Sentosa Nature Discovery

Can’t make up your mind which Sentosa attractions to visit?

That’s okay—get yourself this budget-friendly Sentosa Fun Pass to visit the popular attractions like Adventure Cove Waterpark, S.E.A. Aquarium,Trick Eye Museum, Madame Tussauds Singapore and Wings of Time at a bargain!

Sign Up For Group Outdoor Activities 

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a certain group or community. 

And if your current community does not serve you well, don’t be disheartened. 

You can always look for a new community to join! With that in mind, take your first step and consider signing up for some group outdoor activities

Singapore has plenty of these fun activities, such as: 

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
where to go alone in singapore - cycling
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Depending on your physical ability and preference, you will be able to meet other enthusiasts as well as spend time acquiring new skills and broadening your horizon.  

Participate In Extreme Sports

If you need some excitement or adrenaline-rushing moments in your life, consider participating in one of the many extreme sports in Singapore.

Be it quenching your thirst for speed, conquering your fear of height, or picking a new extreme hobby, there is always an extreme sport for everyone here. 

Here are some of popular Singapore’s extreme sports options

things to do alone in singapore - bungee jumping
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Explore A New Neighbourhood

Just realised that you have been hanging out at the same cafe or neighbourhood in your free time for the past few years? 

I’m guilty of that too. 

Well, this surely means that it is time to get out of your comfort zone and turn on your adventurous side and explore a new neighbourhood by yourself

If you have been calling Orchard your cafe-hopping turf, consider visiting the chic cafes and new places surrounding Tanjong Pagar

places to go in singapore alone - TANJONG PAGAR
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Or if you are a budget-spending person, the beautiful cafes in Kovan might suit you better.   

Have A Good Read At Library

Relinquish your love for reading by heading over to the local public library in Singapore. 

Go solo by exploring the nooks of the library and just pick whatever book catches your eyes. 

And once you are done, get yourself a comfy seat and immerse in the book and have some quiet, quality time alone. 

One of my favourite libraries to get to is library@Orchard. Besides having many cosy corners to lose myself in, this minimalistic library also offers plenty of Instagrammable photo opportunities. 

fun things to do alone in singapore - LIBRARY@ORCHARD
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Note: The libraries can be too cool at times, so make sure to wear your jacket if you have low cold tolerance. 

Look For Thrift Store Gems

If you have plenty of time to spend alone in Singapore and are fond of hunting for thrift store gems, head over to one of the many local thrift stores!

what to do alone in singapore - THRIFT STORE
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Besides experiencing the thrill of looking for the good old gems, you will also get to play your part as a responsible Earth wanderer in upholding the 3Rs vision (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).

Here are the thrift stores to get to in Singapore:  

Create New Bonds With Pets

How about making your way to the pet cafes and creating some new bonds with those cute fluffy animals

Sounds like an interesting thing to do alone in Singapore, right? 

There are several cat and dog cafes you can get to in Singapore, including:

where to go alone in singapore - dog cafe
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Most of the pet cafes offer complimentary drinks to their guests, so grab a toy and start interacting with the resident pets and have a sip or two before getting onto it again. 

Some of the cafes also serve finger food and pastries, and you can slowly indulge in them while watching the cute pet antics.  

Tip: You can buy the pet snacks sold by the cafes to attract the furkids your way. 

Calm Your Nerves With Yoga

Need some Zen-rich activities to calm your nerves, enhance your spirituality, and work on your body flexibility? 

Well, you can definitely try out yoga

things to do in singapore alone - YOGA
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Here are some recommended yoga studios in Singapore:

Get yourself some comfy activewear like ZETIY Women Yoga Attire and head over to the local studio for a fulfilling yoga dose.

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Spend The Day At Haji Lane

Haji Lane is one of the popular hangout destinations in Singapore among international travellers.

And if you are a local, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore and be a tourist in your own backyard

where to go alone in singapore - HAJI LANE
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So soak in the hipster vibes as you stroll along this vibrant lane; take pictures of the stunning murals that filled the street; buy the catchy blouse from the indie boutique—so many things to do within this narrow lane to get yourself busy! 

And if you are still at Haji Lane after dusk, have a drink or two at the modern bar while enjoying the live band performances.  

Watch Movie At The Cinema

Watching movies at the cinema is one of the most underrated things to do alone in Singapore. 

You might be bothered by the potential judgement or glances given by other moviegoers, but buying a movie ticket and snacks for one can be one of the most liberating actions you could take. 

Simply because you do not have to for anyone’s availability to do the things that you love! 

Also, speaking as a frequent single moviegoer, you do not have to worry about listening to a live commentary of your partner while you are trying to focus and follow the captivating storyline. 

things to do singapore alone - watching movie
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Visit Gardens By The Bay

The next thing to do alone in Singapore is to visit Gardens by The Bay. 

This reclaimable giant garden is home to several must-visit attractions of this sunny island, including:

places to go in singapore alone - Cloud Forest
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Tip: The futuristic-looking trees at SuperTree Grove come to life at night daily at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm with mesmerising light-and-sound shows. 

If you need to replenish your energy after exploring this amazing park, make sure to head over to Satay by The Bay—a nice dining place selling all sorts of popular local hawker fares

Skip the queue and buy the entrance tickets to Cloud Forest and Flower Dome online now!

Get Close To Nature At Local Parks

Staying in a modern city like Singapore can cause us to match its fast pace relentlessly. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some “me time”, opt for getting close to nature by having a walk alone at the local parks like The Botanic Gardens

Give yourself the permission to slow down and enjoy the serene view of the lush greenery while listening to the soothing sounds of birds chirping and insects cricketing. 

You can also take this chance to learn more about the interesting flora and fauna in Singapore at your own pace.  

Tip: While you are at The Botanic Gardens, have a detour to the National Orchid Garden too—a stunning garden that exhibits the world’s largest tropical orchids collection!   

where to go alone in singapore - NATIONAL ORCHID GARDEN
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Sweat It Out Through Hiking

Another thing to do alone in Singapore is to go hiking and sweat it all out.

Though small, Singapore has plenty of beautiful hiking trails to explore on the weekends. 

Some of the popular hiking trails include:

  • The Macritchie Reservoir, 
  • Southern Ridges, 
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, 
  • and others. 
what to do alone in singapore - hiking
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This can be an alternative outdoor exercise to improve your stamina while admiring the stunning natural scenery

So put on your best hiking attire and set out to conquer all the hiking trails in Singapore one at a time. 

Admire The City Skyline

If you are a big fan of watching the city skyline, then make your way to the Skypark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands

The panoramic view of the city from the 57th floor of this building is absolutely stunning.

places to go alone in singapore - The Skypark Observation Deck
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If you want to bring the game to the next level, consider admiring the skyline inside the Singapore Flyer

Tip: On a clear day, you can see parts of Malaysia and Indonesia from the Singapore Flyer. 

Visit The Many Religious Sites & Temples

Singapore is a very well-known multiracial country, where you can find a Muslim mosque, a Chinese temple, and a Hindu temple located on the same street. 

If you are intrigued by other religions and looking for some cultural things to do alone in Singapore, embark on a journey to visit the stunning religious sites and temples

Here are some of the record-holding Singapore religious sites and temples: 

Tip: Remember to wear modestly before entering these sites as a sign of respect. You can get a shawl to cover your shoulder or knees if you are wearing a sleeve top and short pants. 

fun things to do alone in singapore - MASJID SULTAN
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Since Singapore is a tropical country, be sure to apply sunscreen before heading out to minimise sunburn.

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Unleash Your Inner Hulk At The Fragment Room

Unleashing your inner hulk without any constraint (and without the need to maintain your good image in front of your friends) at The Fragment Room is one of the best things to do alone in Singapore. 

Feel free to smash things up as protection gears like goggles and aprons are provided by the establishment.  

things to do alone in singapore - The Fragment Room
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Swing The Bad Vibes Away At SuperPark

Or swing the bad vibes away as fast and hard as you can at SuperPark through baseball games

So just aim right, swing the bat, sweat it out, and hit as hard as you can!

places to go alone in singapore - baseball at superpark
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Attend A Fun-Filled Workshop

If you are looking to learn a new skill or get a new hobby, you can consider signing up for any workshop that you are excited to learn!

Some of the popular workshops in Singapore to opt for include: 

Regardless of which workshop you choose, you will surround yourself with a like-minded community and make new friends along the way and have fun learning the craft! 

fun things to do alone in singapore - perfume making workshop
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Explore Chinatown

Fancy people watching to pass time alone in Singapore? 

Or perhaps planning to immerse into the local Chinese culture

If that’s the case, make your way to Chinatown

Famous for being a tourist hub, there are plenty of things to do in this lively neighbourhood. 

places to go in singapore alone - CHINATOWN
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You can get some cheap souvenirs for your loved ones in the busy Chinatown Street Market. 

Besides, you can visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre to learn more about the typical life of Chinese immigrants during the pre-colonial period through fascinating exhibitions. 

Alternatively, you can people-watch the elderly people playing mahjong around the corridors or maybe strike some conservation with them. 

Sign Up For A Local Food Tour

If you have been intrigued by other races’ interesting food culture and cuisine, you can opt for a local food tour to experience it yourself. 

Apart from indulging in the scrumptious food itself, you can also learn the history and a thing or two about the different, unique cultures of others from yours.  

Which is a great activity to do when you are alone in this beautiful multiracial country in Southeast Asia!

Opt For Staycation

You could be a big fan of travelling around. 

But you could also feel less enthusiastic about it when you thought of having to spend at least several hours on a plane to get to your destination. 

Or maybe you are just not ready for a solo vacation overseas

Or you have yet to save enough for an expensive dream trip abroad. 

So to save yourself from the potential major burn on your wallet or travel planning stress, opt for a staycation instead!

things to do in singapore alone - staycation
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Depending on your budget, there is a long list of hotels that cater to everyone’s preferences.  

This means that you do not have to leave the country to experience the 5 stars hotel night stay in Singapore. 

Or to have a hearty hotel breakfast before taking a 30-minute cab back to your home to conclude the short in-country holiday. 

Here are some of the recommended hotels to consider for a short staycay in Singapore:

Budget: Hotel 81, JI Hotel

Mid-range: Holiday Inn Singapore, Hotel Miramar, Oasia Hotel

Luxury: Fullerton Hotel, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel

Packing Tip 101: Don’t forget to pack all your toiletries into the travel toiletry bag for easy organising and convenience!

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Admire World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall At Jewel Airport

Standing at a height of 40-metre tall, The Rain Vortex in Jewel Airport is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall

If you are planning to take a great clear shot of yourself with the waterfall, your best bet is to visit this newest Singapore airport during the day

things to do alone in singapore - JEWEL AIRPORT
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Alternatively, if you fancy watching the vibrant light and sound show of The Rain Vortex, make sure to be there before 7.30 pm

And while you are there, take a stroll or hang out at the cooling Shiseido Forest Valley to enjoy the stunning lush greenery view and a quiet, relaxing moment. 

Note: Currently the light and sound show is suspended until further notice. 

Also, there are plenty of interesting attractions offered by Canopy Park in Jewel Airport.

These include:

  • Canopy Bridge
  • Mirror Maze
  • Manulife Sky Nets

You can get the entrance tickets to the Canopy Park and its attractions fuss-free and at a cheaper price online!

Watch Sunrise or Sunset

Looking for some not-so-typical things to do alone in Singapore? 

Well, you can plan for a sunrise or sunset watching session all by yourself. 

The only things that you need are you, your watch (to check the timing) and your phone (to take the stunning shots of sunrise or sunset). 

Here are the best places to watch amazing sunrise in Singapore: 

  • Labrador Nature Reserve
  • Marina Barrage
  • Pulau Ubin

And for sunset, consider visiting these soothing spots: 

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Henderson Waves
  • Lower Peirce Reservoir
  • East Coast Park

Want to enjoy the sunset from a cruise instead? Of course you can!

Check out these Singapore sightseeing cruise options with eithermocktail or dinner inclusive:

things to do in singapore alone - sunset cruise
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Spend Money Shopping 

Another never-go-wrong thing to do alone in Singapore is spending money on shopping!

Shopping malls in Singapore are literally everywhere, so pick your preferred one and get the items that you have been eyeing for a long!

what to do alone in singapore - SHOPPING
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Among the best shopping centres to fill your appetite for luxury goods in Singapore include: 

  • The Shoppes at Marina Bay
  • ION Orchard
  • Paragon

If you are a looking to change your wardrobe with cheap and affordable clothing pieces, here is where you should go to: 

  • Bugis Street
  • Lucky Plaza
  • City Plaza

Note: Only spend on things that you can afford to buy. There isn’t really any point to cry in your expensive designer dress or apparel if the happiness of owning them is only temporary. 

Hunt For Instagrammable Spots

Being the most Instagrammable country in the world, you can expect to fill your IG feed with beautiful shots of the Instaworthy spots in Singapore. 

Being said that, block a day out and have fun hunting for the Instagrammable spots on this sunny island! 

Here are some of the top Instagrammable places in Singapore to get to: 

things to do in singapore alone - ArtScience Museum
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Tip: Make sure to put on your best attire and show your signature Vogue pose and capture the shot that can make your IG followers go wild with the help of the trusty tripod stand. 

Go For Rooftop Dining

Attention to every beautiful and handsome single out there—rooftop dining is not a romantic dining place that is only reserved for couples.

If you have been feeling to bring yourself out for a date, put on your killer attire, order your favourite wine, and enjoy the ambience and night view from the rooftop as equally as your dining-out couple counterparts. 

Here are the beautiful rooftop dining places to treat yourself to:

  • Sky Lido
  • Mr Stork
  • Dusk
places to go in singapore alone - Sky Lido
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Photo Credit: Sky Lido

Cafe Hopping

Cafe hopping is basically one of the easiest answers to what to do alone in Singapore. 

With plenty of chic cafes to choose from, you can experience the different cafes’ ambiences as well as taste a variety of cafe meals. 

And since Singapore is a humid country, cafe hopping is the ideal way to escape the heat without really breaking the bank.   

If you need some suggestions, here are several Instagrammable cafes that you can start with: 

  • Le Jardin
  • Wildseed Cafe
  • Five Oars Coffee Roasters
places to go alone in singapore - Wildseed Cafe
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Photo Credit: Wildseed Cafe

Stargazing at the Science Centre Observatory

Does looking at the dark sky filled with blinking stars sound mesmerising to you? 

If that is a yes, then head over to the Science Centre Observatory for a spectacular stargazing session. 

You can also learn interesting stuff like stars, constellations and planets guided by the friendly Staff Educator. 

Note: To avoid disappointment, make sure to get the tickets booked in advance because they run out fast!.

Visit Singapore Historical Sites

Sometimes it is difficult to find someone who has the same interest or passion as yours, especially when you are a history buff. 

Well, don’t let that stop you; go ahead and spend your day visiting Singapore’s astonishing historical sites alone!

Among the must-visit historical sites in Singapore include:

fun things to do alone in singapore - the battlebox
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Aside from learning the major past events that have shaped the current state of this sunny island, you can have a chance to have a close-up look at those precious artefacts and meaningful monuments.

Bring Yourself For A Picnic Date

How about indulging in some unconventional options on where to go alone in Singapore, like bringing yourself for a picnic date for a quality me-time session?

Because going for a picnic with a group of people is too mainstream.  

things to do alone in singapore - PICNIC
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Prepare your fav food, put on your comfy clothes, bring along a lovely book for your picnic session and lie down on the ground to enjoy the sight of the blue sky—you are not going to regret it. 

Here are some of the scenic picnic spots in Singapore:

  • Southern Islands
  • Marina Barrage
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens

FAQs: Things To Do In Singapore Alone

Where Can I Go Alone In Singapore At Night?

Things To Do Alone In Singapore For Free

  • Have A Good Read At Library
  • Participate In Extreme Sports
  • Explore A New Neighbourhood
  • Visit Gardens By The Bay
  • Get Close To Nature At Local Parks
  • Sweat It Out Through Hiking
  • Visit The Many Religious Sites & Temples
  • Explore Chinatown
  • Admire World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall At Jewel Airport
  • Watch Sunrise or Sunset
  • Hunt For Instagrammable Spots
things to do in singapore alone - WATCHING SUNSET
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33 Awesome Things To Do Alone In Singapore: Conclusion

So here you go—33 awesome things to do alone in Singapore regardless if you are an aspiring local or an international solo traveller who is looking forward to having a fun time with yourself on this beautiful sunny island. 

If you find this article helpful, I would appreciate it if you share it with your other #gosolo friends or family members.

And let me know if you have other pleasant ideas on places to go alone in Singapore; I would love to hear from you!

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