5 Days Singapore Itinerary
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Amazing 5 Days Singapore Itinerary (+ 2023 Travel Tips & Budget!)

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Are you googling for some ideas to plan for your upcoming 5 Days Singapore Itinerary?

Then rest assured—you have come to the right site. 

Chances are, this is your first oversea trip to Asia alone or with your friends or family members.

And you have no idea what to do in Singapore.

Or perhaps you came across several Singapore itineraries and you want the best one to immerse into the unique cultures of Singapore.

Well, I am here to help you on that.

This detailed 5 Days Singapore Itinerary is all about the must-do things, places to stay, how to navigate around, and food hunting for local fares so you will have a blast exploring this country.

I have been staying in Singapore for 7 years so you can look forward to some of the tips that you can rely on to further enhance your Singapore travel experience.

singapore itinerary 5 days - Singapore skyline
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How Do You Plan An Itinerary In Singapore

Singapore is no doubt one of the spectacular modern metropolises in Southeast Asia.

From a kampung (village) city-state transformed into a bustling global trading hub, you are bound to experience the sublime mixture of old historical buildings and new architecturally intriguing skyscrapers in Singapore. 

Apart from visiting the high-end places in Singapore, it is also crucial to spend some time in your Singapore travel itinerary for 5 days to immerse in the local culture and wandering around the historical districts to discover the under-radar hidden gems. 

Therefore, I will include a mixture of both old and modern cultures so that you will have the best of both worlds during your trip

So let’s get into it!

5 days singapore itinerary - red lanterns at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown
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What Can You Do In Singapore For 5 Days

Day 1

Day 2

  • Have a hearty breakfast and sightseeing at Tiong Bahru
  • Explore Chinatown
  • Marvel at the old antiques in a local store at Tanjong Pagar
  • Explore Little India
  • Enjoy local food fares at Newton Food Centre

Day 3 

  • Sightseeing and food-hunting at Katong
  • Immerse in the Malay culture at Kampong Glam
  • Hunt for cheap stuff at Bugis Street Market
  • Explore and have a local feast at Geylang

Day 4 

Day 5

Singapore Essentials: 5 Days Itinerary In Singapore

Here are the quick links to useful resources to plan for your upcoming 5 Days Singapore Itinerary: 

Travel packing can be stressful at times.

This is true especially when you don’t want to overspend your travel budget by buying the missed-out-on-packing important items in the foreign country or you couldn’t afford in forgetting some personal things like medicine, passport, and etc.

There was once I forgot to bring my personal medicine to Thailand and I had to spend all night literally hugging the toilet bowl to vomit due to food poisoning. Never did I travel to a foreign country for travelling after such experience without utilising a travel planner.

So to ensure that you have all the things that you need before flying and put a stop to the constant self-doubting cycle, get this Handy Travel Planner (which comes with helpful packing cheat sheet, accommodation details, budget overview, activities & food to try and additional bonuses!)

Sam Lee Travel Planner
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5 Days Singapore Itinerary: Day 1 

1.1 Visit Art Science Museum

Start Day 1 of 5 Days Singapore Itinerary by heading over to the iconic Art Science Museum

One of the must-visit highlights in Singapore, this lotus-shaped building holds different intriguing exhibitions all year long that aim to leave the visitors in awe. 

If you are a big fan of teamLab works, make sure to visit the permanent exhibition named Future World in this museum—you will not be disappointed!

5 days in singapore - Future World Exhibition at ArtScience Museum
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To skip the queue, make sure to get the Art Science Museum entrance ticket in advance before the visit. 

Nearest MRT: Bayfront (Downtown Line or Circle Line)

Visiting Hours: 10 am-7 pm

1.2 Have A Shopping Spree At The Shoppes

Located next to the Art Science Museum is the grand shopping mall of Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes. 

Over here you will get to see about 170 high-end and luxury retail brands under one roof, including classy dining establishments of diverse cuisines and fancy cafes. 

You can also opt for a leisure sampan ride along the indoor canal in The Shoppes to admire the building’s elegant interior design from another unique angle. 

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: 11 am-9 pm

1.3 Admire The Scenic Panoramic View At Marina Bay Sands Skypark

While you are at Marina Bay Sands, make sure to get to its Skypark Observation Deck.

singapore itinerary 5 days - View from Marina Bay Skypark Observation Deck
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At the height of 200 metres tall, you will get to admire the scenic view of the stunning city skyline and the neighbouring Gardens by The Bay attractions.

Note: Only hotel guests are permitted to enter the Infinity Pool. 

Operating Hours: 11 am-9 pm

Looking to book the entrance ticket in advance at a cheaper price? Make sure to get it from Klook!

1.4 Explore Gardens by The Bay

Singapore is nothing short of impressive architectural buildings and the next stop in this itinerary for Singapore 5 Days is a strong, valid proof for that. 

Gardens by The Bay is a great place to unwind yourself by admiring the beauty of flora among the engineering marvels that you have not seen elsewhere. 

The few main attractions to visit in Gardens by The Bay include: 

  1. Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
  2. Supertree Grove
  3. OCBC Skyway
  4. Supertree Observatory

1. Flower Dome & Cloud Forest

Besides being the World Guinness Record holder as the largest glass greenhouse, Flower Dome holds several captivating floral displays from all over the world across the year. 

Apart from that, there are also 9 stunning mini gardens filled with plants from 5 different continents (Mediterranean, South African, etc) for visitors to admire in the dome. 

If you are wondering how big the Flower Dome is, it is equivalent to 75 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Home to a remarkable 35-metre tall indoor waterfall, Cloud Forest boasts unique vegetation and plants that are usually found at misty tropical highlands, from 1000 to 3000 feet above sea level. 

5 day itinerary in singapore  - Cloud Forest in Gardens by The Bay Singapore
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This cool, gigantic dome is a terrific place to escape to especially when the weather is extra sunny in Singapore.

Make sure to get to Lost World and have a stroll along the Cloud Walk to have a glimpse of the diverse range of plants while admiring the stunning view from the top. 

Visiting Hours: 9 am-9 pm

Looking for travel saving hacks for these breathtaking attractions? Get your cheaper-priced entrance tickets here!

2. Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove is among the great modern sights to see in Singapore. 

These futuristic-looking giant trees are home to a whopping number of 162 900 plants over 200 species—totally a dream place for nature enthusiasts

I am not sure why but these unique trees remind me of the fictional Pandora (in Avatar movie) whenever I pass by Gardens by The Bay. 

Does anyone feel this too or is it only me? 

Make sure to stay after sunset to watch the free Garden Rhapsody show—where these 25 to 50 metre-tall mechanical trees are lit up in purplish-blue lights while music is played.    

Note: Garden Rhapsody takes place twice a day at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm. 

Super Grove Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: 5 am-2 am

singapore for 5 days - lit up Supertree Groove at Gardens by The Bay Singapore
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3. OCBC Skyway

If you want to stand tall among the giant trees suspended high in the air, then make your way up to OCBC Skyway.

Another magnificent IG-worthy shot location, this 128 metre-long walkway offers an interesting angle of the lush gardens.

OCBC Skyway Entrance Fee: US$6 (S$8)

Visiting Hours: 9 am-9 pm

Tempted to get to the OCBC Skyway, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest? Here is the link to get the ticket at a bargain!

5 days singapore itinerary - OCBC Skyway at Gardens by The Bay
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4. Supertree Observatory

Another thing to do within this Supertree Grove area is to get over to Supertree Observatory where you get to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the stunning surrounding garden at the height of 50 metres tall. 

Besides enjoying the strong breeze on its open-air rooftop deck, this newly refurbished observatory is a great place to admire the sunset with an amazing backdrop. 

It also comes with a cafe and video panels highlighting the climate change effects. 

Supertree Observatory Entrance Fee: US$11 (S$14)

Visiting Hours: 4 pm-9 pm (Weekdays) & 12 pm-9 pm (Weekends)

If you are looking for other activities around Gardens by The Bay, you can consider getting:

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Singapore can be real sunny at times. Get yourself a floppy hat to protect your eyes from the harsh light while exploring this beautiful island.

Singapore Itinerary For 5 Days: Day 2 

  • Have a hearty breakfast and sightseeing at Tiong Bahru
  • Explore Chinatown
  • Marvel at the old antiques in a local store at Tanjong Pagar
  • Explore Little India
  • Enjoy local food fares at Newton Food Centre

2.1 Have A Hearty Breakfast And Sightseeing At Tiong Bahru

Wake up early on Day 2 of 5 Day Singapore Itinerary to have a hearty breakfast at Tiong Bahru.

This classy neighbourhood is packed with modern cafes that serve great food and coffee at an affordable price. 

5 days in singapore what to do - hearty breakfast and coffee at one of the Western cafes in Singapore
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If socks coffee is more to your liking, then you can head over to the local-frequent Tiong Bahru Food Centre for a cup of traditional coffee and butter kaya toast

After you are done having your caffeine shot, take a stroll around Tiong Bahru to admire its sleek public housing architecture—the 1930s Streamline Moderne inspired design.

Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (East-West Line) 

Want to dive in to know more about Tiong Bahru’s history? Check out these recommended tours:

2.2 Explore Chinatown

Your 5 Days Singapore Itinerary will not be complete without a trip to this underrated Singapore historical district, Chinatown

2.2.1 Chinatown Heritage Centre

Make your way to Chinatown Heritage Centre to learn more about the fascinating history of the Chinese immigrants through the immersive exhibitions depicting their lives during the pre-colonial period.

Chinatown is also home to spectacular temples of different religions in Singapore and the best news is you do not even have to walk far to visit these historic monuments because they are located on the same street!

2.2.2 Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a must-visit place in this vibrant neighbourhood that offers equally beautiful temple exterior and interior sightings.

5 days singapore itinerary - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
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2.2.3 Sri Mariamman Temple

Walk further along South Bridge Road and you will stumble upon the magnificent Sri Mariamman Temple—one of the oldest Hindu temples in the country. 

2.2.4 Masjid Jamae

And further down is where Masjid Jamae is located, boasting its iconic Neoclassical and South Indian inspired architectural design. 

Note: Dress modestly before entering into worship sites as a sign of respect. Consider getting this type of maxi dress for your Singapore trip.

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2.2.5 Look for beautiful murals in Chinatown

If you strive to look for Instagrammable places in Singapore, Chinatown is definitely in the list. Visit lanes like Mohammed Ali Lane, Temple Street, and Smith Street to admire the beautiful murals on the Chinese heritage and traditions evoking a sense of nostalgic past. 

5 day singapore itinerary - Mural titled Cantonese Opera at the South Bridge Road-Temple Street junction at Chinatown
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Cantonese Opera mural at Chinatown

2.2.6 Chinatown Complex Food Centre

After much sightseeing, replenish your energy by trying out the local delectable cuisine at Chinatown Complex Food Centre

This buzzing food complex is the largest hawker centre in Singapore, so you can expect to find a wide array of mouth-watering dishes under a big roof. 

Tip: If you are looking for some icy, cold dessert to cool down in the complex, make sure to get a bowl of traditional cendol (coconut milk-based shaved ice dessert with green jelly noodles and brown sugar) from Old Amoy Chendol!

Prefer to explore Chinatown under the guidance of friendly local guides? Consider signing up for these tours:

2.3 Marvel At The Old Antiques In A Local Store At Tanjong Pagar

This hidden gem in Tanjong Pagar is an old antique store with an intriguing printed slogan in its unassuming storefront:

“We buy junk and sell antiques. Some fools buy, some fools sell”. 

Well, this is Tong Mern Sern Antiques Arts & Crafts.

You will be mesmerised by the sheer number of antiques available in this 3-storey shophouse.  

Ranging from vintage cameras to wooden furniture and old porcelain plates, surrounding yourself and discovering the different antiques as if bringing you to step back in the past— creating a unique travel experience that you might reminisce about from time to time.  

Note: Just a word of caution, you might need to cover your face with a mask if you are sensitive to dust before entering Tong Mern Sern. 

2.4 Explore Little India

Another vibrant neighbourhood to get to in Singapore on Day 2 of Singapore 5 day itinerary is Little India.

This thriving Indian enclave boasts some of the well-preserved old buildings with stunning architecture and historical values.

5 day itinerary for singapore - big mural at Little India
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2.4.1 Indian Heritage Centre

Exploring the Indian Heritage Centre is a must for any history buff to learn about the rich Indian culture, arts, and heritage through free guided tours and impressive galleries. 

2.4.2 Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple & Sri Srinivasa Temple

If you can’t get enough of observing the intricate craftsmanship of worship places, make sure to get to Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Sri Srinivasa Temple in Little India; the beautiful exterior gods’ statues will indeed blow your mind. 

singapore for 5 days - intricate god statues of a Hindu temple in Singapore
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2.4.3 Mustafa Centre

Next, kick start your shopping spree at Mustafa Centre—a bustling 6-storey 24-hour shopping complex selling a wide range of products (like literally almost anything) at a very low price. 

Even if you are not a shopaholic, getting lost among the 300 000 products inside this massive centre could be very well an entertaining activity to do. 

2.4.4 Have a stroll at the narrow streets of Little India

While you are in Little India, make sure to walk along the narrow streets to immerse in the lively atmosphere filled with loud music, dizzying neon signs, beautiful flower garlands, and thought-provoking aromatic spices. 

singapore in 5 days - one of the vibrant streets in Little India
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If you are looking forward to trying delicious Indian cuisine in Little India, then you will have to get to The Banana Leaf Apolo—its best-seller fish head curry is to drool for. 

Want to dive into the rich history and heritage of Little India? Check out these amazing guided tours: 

2.5 Enjoy Local Food Fares At Newton Food Centre

After you are done exploring Little India, it is time to sate your appetite with a round of Singaporean local food at Gordon Ramsay’s favourite hawker centre, Newton Food Centre.

And besides, this iconic hawker centre was also featured in the award-winning Crazy Rich Asians movie!

With over 100 food stalls to choose from, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing which stall to get to.

Some of the must-try dishes in Newton Food Centre are: 

  • BBQ seafood (Alliance Seafood)
  • Carrot cake (Heng)
  • Fried oyster omelette (Hup Kee)
  • Grilled skewered meat or satay (Chong Pang Huat)
  • Fish porridge (Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge)*

*This stall is the latest addition to the Singapore Bib Gourmand list!

5 days singapore itinerary - a bowl of noodle in a hawker centre at Singapore
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Nearest MRT: Newton (North-South Line or Downtown Line)

Travel tip: Had early dinner and want to continue exploring Singapore at night? Read on my unmissable things to do at night in Singapore article for never-ending fun!

5 Days Singapore Itinerary: Day 3 

  • Sightseeing and food-hunting at Katong
  • Immerse in the Malay culture at Kampong Glam
  • Hunt for cheap stuff at Bugis Street Market
  • Explore and have a local feast at Geylang

3.1 Sightseeing and Food-Hunting At Katong

Start Day 3 of this 5 day itinerary for Singapore by heading over to Katong—another lovely, culturally rich district that is bound to enrich your travel experience. 

Katong is famous for the Peranakan culture, and much of its heritage is still well preserved and displayed to visitors through historic Peranakan museums, colourful Peranakan shophouses, and its delish cuisine served by the local eateries

singapore travel itinerary for 5 days - Colorful Peranakan houses at Katong
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You can gaze at the colourful geometric tiled Peranakan shophouses along Koon Seng Road and learn more about Peranakan history and artefacts at Katong Antique House and The Intan

Katong Laksa is the must-try food in this neighbourhood—a creamy, fragrant rice vermicelli dish rich with herbs, spices, and dried shrimp.

Note: One of the best places to enjoy a bowl of Katong Laksa in Katong is at 328 Katong Laksa

And yes, no chopsticks will be given to patrons—you will have to scoop the noodles with a soup spoon!

5 days singapore itinerary
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Nearest MRT: Eunos (East-West Line) and take bus 154 or 76 and alight after 2 stops

Looking for some interesting guided tours when you are in Katong? Make sure to sign up for any of these tours:

3.2 Immerse In The Malay Culture At Kampong Glam

After the stint in Katong, it is time to move to Kampong Glam—a Malay, Bugis, and Arab enclave dated back to the colonial era in Singapore. 

Kampong Glam is also nothing short of restaurants of diverse cuisine, typically famous for Arab and Turkish food

3.2.1 Gelam Gallery

The first thing to do at Kampong Glam is taking your perfect IG worthy picture at Gelam Gallery

This eye-catching outdoor art gallery designed by both local and international artists boasts stunning artwork and murals revolving around local heritage and culture. 

5 days singapore itinerary - one of the murals of Gelam Gallery
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3.2.2 Sultan Mosque

Another unmissable thing to do in this bustling neighbourhood is visiting Sultan Mosque—a grand-looking traditional mosque that you will hardly miss located just next to Gelam Gallery. 

singapore in 5 days - Sultan Mosque in Kampong Gelam Singapore
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3.2.3 Malay Heritage Centre

If Kampong Glam’s unique history and Malay culture fascinate you, walk over to the nearby Malay Heritage Centre to learn more through its exhibitions. 

Not a big fan of humid weather but travel is life? Bring along a portable fan to keep yourself cool being outdoor in Singapore.

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3.2.4 Haji Lane

For a change to the trendier side of Kampong Glam, make sure to visit Haji Lane—a lively narrow lane lined with trendy cafes, bars, indie boutiques, and more vibrant street murals. 

Nearest MRT: Bugis (East-West Line)

5 days in singapore itinerary - Haji Lane
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Have some budget allocated to sign up for a Kampong Glam guided tour in your itinerary Singapore 5 days? Here are recommended ones:

3.3 Hunt For Cheap Stuff At Bugis Street Market

Next, walk over to Bugis Street Market to hunt for some cheap souvenirs and thrills. 

Bugis Street Market is home to about 600 stores selling a wide range of items at dirt cheap prices, such as clothes, accessories, snacks, cosmetics, and others.

At the entrance, you will be greeted with a colourful display of fruit juices and mouth-watering street snacks before reaching the apparel stores. 

You can get a top for as low as US$4 (S$5) in this 3-storey shopping paradise!

If you are looking to pamper yourself after a long walking day, you can opt for a short manicure or massage session for an affordable price within this complex. 

singapore itinerary for 5 days - bugis street market
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Nearest MRT: Bugis (East-West Line)

3.4 Explore And Have A Local Feast At Geylang

Most Singapore itineraries available on the web do not include a visit to Geylang (also Singapore’s legal red-light district).

I think that is a shame because this hidden gem is so underrated—there are so many cultural things to do and see in Geylang!

3.4.1 Admire the traditional shophouses architecture and design

So in this itinerary Singapore 5 days, one of the main things to do in Geylang is to explore the streets to see some of the well-preserved traditional shophouses and soak up the nostalgic vibe.

singapore itinerary for 5 days - one of the beautifully preserved traditional shophouses at Geylang Singapore
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3.4.2 Eng Tiang Huat

Then make your way to Eng Tiang Huat, an interesting cultural Chinese shop selling traditional Chinese instruments, opera props, and altar cloths to check out the old artefacts. 

3.4.3 Sri Sivan Temple & Khadijah Mosque

You can also find some impressive temple architectures of different religions in Geylang such as Sri Sivan Temple and Khadijah Mosque

3.4.4 Geylang Serai Market

If you want to observe the everyday life of locals, then make your way to Geylang Serai Market—a lively wet market selling traditional Malay food products such as spices, vegetables, and paste. 

3.4.5 Enjoy the local famous food at Geylang

Also a food haven in Singapore, make sure to fill up your tummy with the delectable local food while you are in Geylang before calling it a day!

The must-eat food includes pungent-smelling durian, nasi lemak, banana leaf rice, frog porridge, fresh seafood, and 24-hour dim sum

Nearest MRT: Aljunied (East-West Line)

singapore itinerary for 5 days - busy street at Geylang
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Singapore Itinerary 5 Days: Day 4 

4.1 Explore Singapore Botanic Gardens

Your 5 day Singapore itinerary has almost come to an end but fret not—there are still pretty much places waiting for you to explore! 

Wake up early on Day 4 to get to Singapore’s most beautiful garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

singapore travel itinerary for 5 days - Singapore Botanic Garden
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A mesmerising UNESCO heritage site, this garden is a great place for a morning stroll while admiring the rich tropical flora collection

Make sure to head over to its National Orchid Garden where it houses mind-blowing 60 000 orchid plants.

If you are keen to learn more about Singapore Botanic Gardens, you can visit the beautifully preserved Heritage Museum within its grounds. 

Nearest MRT: Botanic Gardens (Circle Line)

Singapore Botanic Garden Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: 5 am-12 am

4.2 Wander Along Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the best place to be in Singapore for shopping sprees!

Lined with more than 12 shopping malls, you can literally find any apparel, shoes, clothing, etc of varying prices within this 2 km long bustling street.  

singapore travel itinerary for 5 days - Orchard Road at Singapore
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Some of the popular shopping malls to get to in 5 day itinerary for Singapore are:

  • ION Orchard
  • Paragon Shopping Centre
  • Plaza Singapura

If you are looking for free activities (other than shopping) to do in Orchard Road, you can consider:

Nearest MRT: Orchard, Somerset, and Dhoby Ghaut (North-South Line)

Travel tip: Be sure to try out the traditional ice cream (with bread or waffle) sold by the elderly vendor when you walk along the Orchard Road; you will not regret this!

5 day itinerary in singapore - traditional ice cream bought at Orchard Road
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4.3 Admire The Stunning Architecture Of CHIJMES Hall

If you are wondering about the wedding location of Colin and Araminta shot in The Crazy Rich Asians movie, then make your way to CHIJMES Hall.

Built in 1904, this stunning Anglo-French Gothic chapel came with a high-arched ceiling and stained window glasses—radiating the elegance charm to anyone who visits. 

5 day itinerary for singapore - CHIJMES (An Anglo-French Gothic chapel)
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You can also explore the CHIJMES ground and have a coffee break in one of the cafes before continuing ticking off the highlight in Day 4 of 5 Days Singapore Itinerary.

Nearest MRT: City Hall (East-West & North-South Lines), Bras Basah and Esplanade (Circle)

CHIJMES Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: Always Open

4.4 Visit Merlion Park

Of course you cannot miss out on visiting the Singapore symbol while you are in the country—the Merlion!

Merlion Park is one of the Instagrammable places in Singapore, where visitors come up with some quirky poses with Merlion as the backdrop. 

itinerary singapore 5 days - iconic Merlion statue at Merlion Park
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And if you are looking to get another glimpse of the city’s amazing skyline in your Singapore 5 day itinerary, Merlion Park is among the best spots to be at.

Fun fact: This stunning half-fish half-lion statue has a height of 8.6 metres with a whopping 70 tonnes.

Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (East-West Line)

Merlion Park Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: Always open

4.5 Enjoy The River Cruise Along The Singapore River

End Day 4 of this 5 Days Singapore Itinerary with a heritage river cruise along the once-busy Singapore River.

5 day itinerary for singapore - a bumboat to carry passengers for a cruise along the Singapore River
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This 40-minute bumboat ride allows you to experience the city’s harmonious duality—Singapore’s glory past and current modern skyscrapers—across three different districts (Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay). 

Note: You can get down at any of the available 8 jetties at Singapore River but once you get down, it concludes the boat ride. 

Some of the iconic landmarks that the ride passes by include:

  • Raffles Landing Site
  • Fullerton Hotel
  • Merlion Park
  • Esplanade 

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (North-East Line)

Interested to sign up for a heritage tour with the river cruise and a scrumptious seafood meal? This Clarke Quay seafood-river-cruise-heritage-tour sounds like a good fit to you. 

Singapore 5 Days Itinerary: Day 5 

5.1 Explore Sentosa Island

Wake up early on the last day of your 5 Days Singapore Itinerary because it is time to make your way to this fun-filled man-made island—Sentosa Island!

Here are some paid popular Sentosa attractions to get to:

singapore itinerary 5 days - the iconic symbol of Universal Studio in Singapore
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Note: Before you feel stress and start calculating the leftover money that is still with you, I am here to tell you good news: you can still have fun in Sentosa Island without burning a big hole in your wallet!

Here are some free attractions to visit in Sentosa Island:

  • Walk along Sentosa Boardwalk 
  • Have a relaxing time at Tanjong Beach and Siloso Beach
  • Enjoy the sea view at Asia southernmost point on Palawan Beach
  • Learn World War II’s Singapore history at Fort Siloso

Nearest MRT: Harbourfront (North-East Line)

Fancy a cable car ride to get into Sentosa Island to take in the magnificent views of Mount Faber Park and Universal Studio Singapore in this 5 day Singapore itinerary? Make sure to get your tickets here!

5 day itinerary in singapore - Sentosa cable car service
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5.2 Stroll Along Henderson Waves bridge

After you have spent half a day at Sentosa Island, take a quick stroll to the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore—a spectacular wavy-looking structure, Henderson Waves bridge

singapore itinerary 5 days - a lady is posing on Henderson Waves bridge in Singapore
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This viewpoint offers a great panoramic city view with the harbour as the backdrop and an opportunity to get close to nature.

Feel free to stay after sunset if you can’t get enough of the view as the bridge is beautifully lit with LED lights.

Note: Henderson Waves bridge is part of The Southern Ridges, a popular weekend local hiking trail that connects 3 different parks (Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Mount Faber Park).

Nearest Station: Mount Faber Station (From Sentosa Island via Sentosa Station)

Visiting Hours: Always Open

5.3 Explore Jewel Airport

Designed by the famed architect Moshe Safdie, this massive doughnut-shaped complex is one of the unmissable highlights in your 5 Days Singapore Itinerary. 

Jewel Airport is a brilliant lifestyle entertainment hub that offers unique retail shopping, dining, and recreation experiences to visitors under a roof.

The sight of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, Rain Vortex, is impressive enough and further complemented with the 4-storey tall lush green garden, Forest Valley. 

Visit at night to enjoy its mesmerising Light & Sound Show.

Show Timings: 8 pm & 9 pm (Monday to Thursday); 8 pm, 9 pm & 10 pm (Friday to Sunday, eve & public holiday)

singapore 5 days itinerary - Light & Sound Show of Rain Vortex at Changi Jewel Airport
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Further sightseeing can be done at Canopy Park—a whopping 14 000 sqm recreational playground that caters to visitors of all age ranges. 

Note: The entrance ticket into Canopy Park includes admission to Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, and Topiary Walk. 

You might also be spoiled for dining option choices where about 80 eateries consisting of international and local brands are found in this indoor paradise. 

If you are looking for last-minute souvenirs, you will be glad to know that Jewel Airport houses more than 100 retail shops with varying budget expectations. 

Nearest MRT: Changi Airport (East-West Line) 

Visiting Hours: 24 hours

So that concludes your fun-filled 5 Days Singapore Itinerary.

If you can’t get enough of Jewel Airport, you can check out a few hours earlier the next day and continue exploring this stunning landmark before flying out to your next travel destination.  

Additional Places To Go In Singapore

1. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is a great place to visit if you are visiting Singapore with kids. 

Kids friendly activities organised by the zoo include Wild Animal Carousel, Animal Friends Show, and Houbii Rope Course.

You can also get close to the different types of wildlife animals in the zoo by signing up for feeding activities or listening to quirky animals stories via the friendly zookeepers. 

singapore itinerary 5 days - 2 white tigers playing with each other in the water at zoo
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If you are looking to experience different animal kingdom adventures, you can consider signing up for River Safari and Night Safari too. 

Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang (North-South Line)

Visiting Hours: 8.30 am-6 pm (6.30 pm-12 am for Night Safari)

2. National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore might be a great highlight to include in the itinerary Singapore 5 Days for modern art enthusiasts. 

Located in two stunning historical landmarks, National Gallery Singapore houses the largest collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art masterpieces. 

There are several free and paid tours available to visitors who are keen to learn more about the artwork, respected artists, galleries, or even the old, elegant buildings. 

5 Days Singapore Itinerary
  • Save

Nearest MRT: City Hall (North-South Line or East-West Line)

Visiting Hours: 10 am-7 pm

Get your skip-the-queue National Gallery Singapore ticket here!

3. Hiking Trails

If spending a day hiking in every new country you visit is your kind of bucket list, you can find plenty of well-preserved nature reserves with hiking trails in Singapore

Some trails are easy to hike while some require additional effort and time to complete. 

But the hard work will be so worth it!

Here are some of the popular hiking trails with tranquil natural splendour to get to:

Travel tip: If you are keen to have a hike, check out my article on what to wear for hiking in Singapore!

singapore 5 day itinerary - MacRitchie Reservoir Park
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Best Time To Visit Singapore

Due to its geographical location, it is all-year summer in Singapore with frequent rainfalls for certain months

This makes Singapore pretty much a great destination to travel all year long without the need to overpack or have a complicated packing list. 

It is time to bring out the sunglasses, people!

It all boils down to the unique exposure that you want to experience in Singapore because there is always something going on each month throughout the year—be it cultural celebrations, food festivals, shopping sprees, sightseeing, and international events. 

1. January to March

From January to March, you will have the chance to experience 3 different ethnic festivities taking place in Singapore—Chinese New Year, Chingay Parade, and Holi.  

itinerary for singapore 5 days - the lively environment in  Chinatown during Chinese New Year with the main streets filled with people
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2. March to May

If you are looking for nature sightseeing and wandering along the streets while exploring some intriguing historical districts in Singapore, it is best to visit the country from March to May

These months happen to be the hottest period of the year with minimal rainfall.   

Besides, it is also the time where Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid) is celebrated. 

Get ready to treat yourself to some delicious traditional kuih (Malay pastries) at Geylang Serai Bazaar! 

3. June to August

For those who prefer to fill their luggage bags with crazy shopping deals, then it is recommended to visit Singapore from June to August

This is when the Great Singapore Sales take place for a month. 

4. August to October

If you are planning to get to Singapore from August to October, make sure to bring along an umbrella or raincoat due to the rainy season. 

Nevertheless, you will still get to experience interesting local festivals and major celebrations such as the National Day Parade, Mid-Autumn Festival, the spooky and Hungry Ghost Festival

5. November to December

November and December are considered the illumination months in Singapore due to Deepavali and Christmas celebrations. 

singapore itinerary for 5 days - colourful decorations filled up the streets in Little India
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The city is filled with beautiful illuminations along the main streets of Little India and Orchard; giving the fun holiday vibes and ushering in the new year with a bang!

How Many Days Are Enough For A Singapore Trip?

You can get to the Singapore’s main highlights within 3 days. But if you want to travel on your own pace, a 5 days in Singapore itinerary would be ideal. That’s because 5 days stay is sufficient to explore both the off the beaten path sites and popular highlights of Singapore.

singapore 5 day itinerary - the beautiful corals and marine creatures at S.E.A Aquarium
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How To Get Around Singapore: 4 Convenient ways

It is relatively easy to get around Singapore and to the main highlights listed in this article thanks to its efficient, convenient, and extensive public transportation system. 

Here are some ways to get around the country for your 5 days Singapore Itinerary:

  1. On foot
  2. Public Bus
  3. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Train
  4. Taxi or Ride-Hailing Service

1. On Foot

Some of the main attractions in the central area of Singapore are within walking distance and easily accessible on foot

This is also a great way to absorb the local vibes and immerse in the culture while admiring the scenery along the unique streets in Singapore. 

Get a pair of comfy walking shoes before visiting this sunny island to clock in your daily 10K steps!

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2. Public Bus & MRT Train Services

Getting around Singapore via its public bus and MRT train services are the better options for budget travellers. 

You can either opt for an NETS Flashpay, EZ Link card or Singapore Tourist Pass upon your arrival on this sunny island. 

Rechargeable EZ Link cards can be bought at most Singapore MRT stations for US$9 (S$12) that comes with a stored value of US$6 (S$7)

The transportation fare usually ranges from US$0.80 to US$1.90 (S$1-S$2.50), and it is always cheaper and convenient to pay with NETS Flashpay or EZ Link instead of cash at public buses.

5 days in singapore itinerary - One of the MRT trains filled with seated passengers in Singapore
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As for Singapore Tourist Pass, there are 3 types of passes to choose from:

  • 1-day (US$14 or S$20), 
  • 2-day (US$19 or S$26), or 
  • 3-day (US$21 or S$30)

This wallet-friendly tourist pass allows visitors to have unlimited rides on the basic public buses, MRT, and LRT trains

3. Taxi or Ride-Hailing Service

If you are travelling in a group of 4 or have a bigger budget for transportation in this 5 Days Singapore Itinerary, you can opt for a taxi service to get to the places comfortably.

All taxis in Singapore are metered but there are different types of surcharges depending on your location, timing, and taxi operator.  

Generally, the flag-down rate starts from US$2.70 to US$ 2.90 (S$3.60 to S$3.90) while subsequent charge per kilometre starts from US$0.15 (S$0.22)

As for ride-hailing services, you can consider using Grab or Gojek to get around Singapore.

Travel tip: You can download the ride-hailing apps for free before flying to Singapore.

5 days singapore itinerary - several vehicles passing by a long road in Singapore
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Where To Stay In Singapore: For Every Traveller Types!

Being one of the top travel destinations in Southeast Asia, you can expect to find an endless list of accommodations of different budgets in Singapore. 

For this 5 day itinerary in Singapore, it is recommended to stay in Bugis or Chinatown districts to save time (and money) on exploring the contrasting nooks of Singapore.  

Not to mention you will be spoiled with the delectable local hawker food found in these two areas!

Here are some accommodations that you can consider during your 5 day stay in Singapore: 

1. Chinatown

Budget: Wink Capsule Hostel

Mid-range: Hotel 1888 Collection, Hotel Mono 

Luxury: Kesa House, Duxton Reserve Singapore

5 days in singapore - Hotel Mono in Singapore
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2. Bugis

Budget: The POD, CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel

Mid-range: Hotel Clover, Hotel NuVe

Luxury: Pan Pacific Beach Road, Naumi Hotel

If staying in a luxury hotel with great views and better amenities is the one that you are looking for, then staying in the Marina Bay area will be a good fit for you. 

Travel tip: Want to pamper yourself after a whole day out exploring Singapore? Check out my article on top hotels with private pools in Singapore for a relaxing, undisturbed soak!

What To Eat In Singapore during your 5-day stay

Singapore cuisine offers a wide range of multicultural and heritage dishes where travellers can easily enjoy everything under one roof together with the locals at the bustling hawker centres. 

It is also a strategic place to exchange some Singlish (an informal form of English spoken in Singapore) words with the hawkers.

Here is the must-eat scrumptious food that you need to try in your 5 Days Singapore Itinerary:

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Your 5 days itinerary for Singapore is not complete without getting your hands on the national dish, Hainanese chicken rice

The chicken is cooked in a pot of boiling chicken bone stock before being placed into a tub of ice water directly for extra tenderness. 

This local favourite dish served with fragrant rice is then paired with the minced garlic chilli sauce—an unmissable pairing that complements each other very well.

5 days itinerary for singapore - a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice and beansprout in a restaurant at Katong Singapore
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2. Chilli Crab

Chilli crab is another signature in Singapore that you need to try while you are here. 

The crab is first boiled and then fried before covering in the orangey-red savoury chilli sauce

The sauce is usually eaten with fried mantou (bun) or simply dip in crab meat with the sauce—either way gives a heavenly taste that you will be back for more!

3. Laksa

There are several types of laksa you can try in Singapore but the one that you should not miss in your Singapore food hunt is Curry Laksa

This Singapore version of laksa consists of vermicelli, cockles, fishcakes, prawns, taupok (tofu puffs), and a dash of laksa chilli paste in a hot, coconut milk-based broth sprinkled with dried laksa leaves for additional flavours.  

Are you drooling yet? Because I am pretty sure I already am! 

4. Nasi Lemak

A typical meal for breakfast, this Malay origin dish is cooked with fragrant pandan leaves and coconut milk, before topping it off with the savoury sambal (chilli paste), cucumber, peanuts, and fried anchovies

The sambal makes a whole lot of difference between an okay Nasi Lemak or an addictive Nasi Lemak. 

You can also add on some side dishes to complement the dish, including fried egg, luncheon meat, fish balls, and more. 

5. Roti Prata

Roti Prata is a versatile dish—you can have it for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!

A cross-cultural dish from South India, this pan-fried flour dough is served with curry sauce of your choice; either chicken, fish, mutton, or dal (bean) curries. 

I love eating my plate of Roti Prata with fish curry and not to forget with a glass of hot teh tarik (milk tea)! 

itinerary singapore 5 days - Roti Prata in Singapore
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Interested in slipping in a foodie tour in your itinerary Singapore 5 days ? Check out these Singapore food tours:

5 Days In Singapore Budget: How Much To Spend

Though Singapore is among the top expensive travel destinations in the world, you can pretty much visit Singapore without breaking the bank for this multi-diverse travel experience. 

You can refer to the budget breakdown below as an expenditure estimation before kickstarting your 5 Days Singapore Itinerary:

1. Accommodation

The cheapest accommodation you can get in Singapore is a hostel, costing from US$14 (S$18) per night. 

A night stay in a mid-range hotel room with better amenities starts from US$30 ($$40) while a luxury hotel room with great views will easily set you back at least US$186 (S$250) per night. 

You can look at some recommended accommodations for your Singapore trip in this article under “Where To Stay In Singapore”.

2. Transportation

Singapore is a relatively small island so you can easily walk from one highlight to another.

Consider getting an EZ Link card for US$9 ($S12). The card comes with a US$6 (S$7) value for boarding the public buses or MRT trains.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Singapore Tourist Pass valid for:

  • 1-day (US$14 or S$20), 
  • 2-day (US$19 or S$26), or 
  • 3-day (US$21 or S$30) that allows you to have unlimited basic bus and MRT train rides. 
5 day itinerary for singapore - an almost fully boarded double decker bus in Singapore
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3. Food

You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to dining options in Singapore. 

A typical meal in the hawker centre costs about US$3 to US$4 (S$3 to S$5) while a meal at a cafe costs at least US$15 (S$20). If you are looking to splurge on restaurant meals, be prepared to fork out at least US$30 ($40) and an additional US$9 (S$12) for a glass of wine.  

For a nightlife drinking session, you can expect to pay US$15 (S$20) for a cocktail in the bar or if you are a beer lover, make sure to take advantage of the tempting US$6 (S$8) “Happy Hour” beer offer that usually starts from 3 pm to 9 pm. 

singapore 5 days itinerary - a lady posing at her drink stall
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4. Activities

If you are travelling to Singapore on a tight budget, you can still have a wonderful time exploring the country. 

Most of the sightseeing activities in Singapore can be done without spending a penny on the entrance fee, such as visiting Gardens by The Bay, Merlion Park, Botanic Gardens, trail hiking, and so on.

You can also consider taking local tours to know more about the particular district or culture under the guidance of friendly guides. 

Depending on the type and number of tours that you sign up for, you may want to allocate at least US$112 (S$150) for this category. 

Looking to sign up for some local tours to learn more about this beautiful multiracial country during your 5 days stay in Singapore? Make sure to check out these:

5 day singapore itinerary - The Battlebox Tour in Singapore
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Unique Tips You Should Know When Visiting Singapore (For a Wonderful experience!)

These are some helpful tips to take note of to better prepare yourself, making this 5 Days Singapore Itinerary one of the best travel destinations that you have been to: 

1. Singapore Visa Application 

UK and US citizens do not need a travel visa to Singapore for a 30 days or less stay.

However, all foreign visitors are required to apply for a Singapore Electronic Arrival Card via online application before entry.

Check out this link to know more information about Singapore travel visa eligibility and its newly launched arrival card application system.

2. Currency

The official currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar (S$). You can get the money easily from the ATMs scattered around the city and major attraction places. 

3. Language

English is widely spoken in Singapore so you can bid farewell to Google Translate temporarily while exploring this city-state. 

Note: All road signs are in English as well so you can travel around Singapore with peace of mind. 

5 days singapore itinerary - Singapore road
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4. Internet Connectivity

There are free hotspots available at the main tourist attraction places in Singapore. 

But if you prefer to have your own 4G sim card with data for unlimited smooth internet connection, you can book one from Klook

5. Drinking Water

Singapore tap water is safe for consumption. So just get a collapsible bottle water with filter system so that you can save some money from buying bottled water and splurge on plates of Hainanese Chicken Rice! #foodieslife