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Best 13 Onsen Ryokan In Kanazawa (For All Traveller Types!)

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Ready to book one of the best onsen ryokan in Kanazawa?

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Don’t have time to read till the end? I have got your back- Takitei is your best option!

Kanazawa is a stunning city in Ishikawa Prefecture that offers the perfect combination of traditional charm and modern cosmopolitan complexes.

But for those looking to really experience traditional Japanese culture, nothing beats a stay at an onsen ryokan—a traditional inn with hot springs!

Here are the 13 best onsen ryokan in Kanazawa to stay with great amenities, tranquil views, and rejuvenating hot spring baths!

Let’s get into it.

Kanazawa Onsen Ryokan: Top 13 Options

  1. Takitei
  2. Matsusaki
  3. Hatori
  4. Sumiyoshiya 
  5. Motoyu Ishiya
  6. Kuriya Yasohachi
  7. Araya Totoan
  8. Yunokuni Tensyo
  9. Hanamurasaki
  10. Rurikoh
  11. Yuya Ruru Saisai
  12. Ryokan Karasawa
  13. Grandia Housen

Best Onsen Ryokan Kanazawa

1. Takitei

best onsen ryokan kanazawa - the night view of the main entrance of Takitei
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⭐️Score: 9.6/ 10   | 📍 Location: Kanazawa  |   🏩 Book Now on Agoda

Located in a quiet and serene area of the city, Takitei is arguably one of the best onsen ryokans in Kanazawa.

Surrounded by lush greenery and filled with traditional Japanese inn elements in every corner of the complex, you are bound to have a soothing experience at Takitei.

I can’t say enough good things about Takitei – it was charming and quiet, with delicious food and great service.


All rooms at Takitei feature either mesmerising garden scenery or a river view. 

You can expect superior room amenities too, such as free WIFI, hair dryer, complimentary toiletries, refrigerator, TV, and yukata robes.

Takitei also comes with 24-hour open public indoor and outdoor onsens where you can unwind in sophistication regardless of the time.

Since there is an onsite cafe and bar at Takitei, you can spend your day lounging around or mingling with other guests.

Alternatively, you can also opt for some board games to relax your mind and body in Takitei.

Some of the available games include Go, shogi, and mahjong.

To further improve their guests’ experience, Takitei offers free shuttle arrangements and free parking for their non-driving and driving guests respectively too.

So with its wonderful amenities, breathtaking views and abundance of activities, Takitei is definitely one of the best onsen ryokans to stay while visiting Kanazawa.

  • Address: 23-10 Sue-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Japan, 920-1302
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & families or groups of 4
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: Nomachi Train Station (10-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Daijoji Temple, Tentokuin Temple

2. Matsusaki

onsen ryokan kanazawa - the Japanese room that opens up to the garden view at Matsusaki
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⭐️Score: 8.8/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga   |   🏩 Book Now At Booking.com

Established in 1836, this traditional Japanese inn is surrounded by lush greenery and mountain ranges that will instantly transport you to another tranquil world.

Most of the rooms at Matsusaki comes with garden or mountain views, so the guests can admire the captivating seasonal scene.

Also, all rooms are equipped with modern amenities, including free WIFI, air-conditioners, fridges, toiletries, and more.

If you prefer to have more intimacy, you can opt for the Japanese-style Room with Open-Air Hotspring Bath.

But don’t worry if those premium rooms exceed your accommodation budget.

You can still have the public open-air onsen bath all to yourself for 50 minutes free of charge by making an advance arrangement with Matsusaki staff!

The traditional room was spacious. Bathing in the private indoor and outdoor onsen was incredibly relaxing. The dinner and breakfast were substantial!


Other than the lavish onsen facility, you can fill your day with a sauna or massage session at this gorgeous onsen ryokan.

Alternatively, keep your adrenaline rush high by participating in table tennis or pool games with your travel mates or other guests in the game room.

While you are at Matsusaki, make sure not to miss its delectable kaiseki course meal.

With the menu changing every month, the chef incorporates seasonal local ingredients to prepare authentic Japanese cuisine for their guests.

Tip: Driving guests can park for free at Matsusaki. Alternatively, guests can book the free shuttle from JR Komatsu & Matto stations to Matsusaki.

  • Address: 923-1245 Ishikawa, Nomi, Tatsunokuchi 3-1 , Japan
  • Suitable for: Popular among couples & family or group travellers (up to 8 people)
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-6.30 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: JR Komatsu Station (20-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Tatsunokuchi Kyuryo Park, Ishikawa Zoo

3. Hatori

onsen kanazawa - two guests are enjoying their outdoor onsen bath at Hatori
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⭐️Score: 8.4/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga   |   🏩 Book Now At Booking.com

If you are a night owl and love to soak all night long, Hatori is the onsen ryokan to get while you are visiting Kanazawa. 

That’s because the public hot spring bath in Hatori operates 24 hours every day!

Aside from the impressive hot spring, accommodation at Hatori blends both traditional Japanese style and modern Western comforts.

In traditional Japanese fashion, the spacious rooms at Hatori are fitted with wooden elements, tatami flooring, futon bedding, shoji doors, and a low seating area.

However, modern amenities such as free WIFI, private bathrooms, TVs, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and toiletries are also provided to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Excellent facilities and located only a few minutes walk from the centre of Yamashiro Onsen town. The food is delicious (make sure to include it in your stay) and I am already missing the outdoor onsen.


Since Hatori offers several room options that come with a private open-air bath, you can consider booking such a room for more privacy for yourself or your travel mates.

Other awesome facilities that you should not miss in this highly-rated onsen ryokan include a spa, sauna, souvenir store, and nightclub.

If you are still feeling energetic at night, walk over to its game room for a ping pong game or have fun singing in its karaoke room.

Alternatively, you can attend the Kaga Drum Performance for free at Hatori to dive into the fascinating world of Japanese art and culture.

Tip: The free shuttle between JR Kaga Station and Hatori operates from 1.30 pm to 6 pm. Reservation is needed. 

Address: 922-0254 Ishikawa, Kaga, Yamashiro-onsen Onsen-dori 17, Japan 

  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples, & families or groups of 4 
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-7 pm & 11 am
  • Nearest Station: JR Kaga Onsen Station (15-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Shorai Park, Daisho-ji Temple & Kutaniyaki Art Museum

4. Sumiyoshiya 

best ryokan in kanazawa - the seating area of a Japanese-style room at Sumiyoshiya
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⭐️Score: 9.2/10   | 📍 Location: Kanazawa   |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

Sumiyoshiya is one of the preferred onsen ryokan accommodation options in Kanazawa thanks to its convenient city-central location.

That’s because Sumiyoshiya is within walking distance of Kanazawa’s main highlights, such as the Omicho Market, Kanazawa Castle, and Kenrokuen Garden! 

Great room, super helpful staff. Excellent location–close to market, castle, historic areas, train station. Walkable to everything we needed.


Owned and operated by a local family, you can expect warm hospitality from the friendly staff once you enter through its main gate.

The rooms at Sumiyoshiya are lined with tatami flooring and equipped with futon beds, shoji doors, and a separate seating area.

Each room is provided with some basic amenities too, including a coffee maker machine, toiletries, TV, free WIFI, and more.

If you want to indulge in the local kaiseki course in your room, you can do so by arranging with the ryokan.

To complete your ryokan stay experience, make sure to have a dip in the public onsen at Sumiyoshiya.

You can also hang out at Sumiyoshiya’s zen garden or cafe for some quiet moments.

Sumiyoshiya offers free parking for those who drive cars, so you have one worry less when it comes to finding limited car parking space in the city.

In short, Sumiyoshiya is the go-to onsen ryokan in Kanazawa if convenience and warm hospitality are the two things that you prioritise when travelling.

Tip: Smoking is not allowed within Sumiyoshiya.

  • Address: 920-0906 Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Jukken-machi 54, Japan 
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples (popular) & families or groups of 4 
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-9 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: Kanazawa Station (5-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Omicho Market, Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Garden

5. Motoyu Ishiya

luxury ryokan kanazawa - the inner design and decor of a Japanese room at Motoyu Ishiya
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⭐️Score: 8.7/10   | 📍 Location: Ishikawa  |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

If you are looking for a luxurious and serene escape to Kanazawa, then Motoyu Ishiya is the place to be.

With more than 200 years of history, this well-preserved onsen ryokan has even served as accommodation for the 9th Prime Minister of Japan!

Motoyu Ishiya offers a room with both futon beds and Western beds.

You will also find Japanese traditional architectural elements like a tatami floor, a separate seating area, and Japanese artwork for an authentic ryokan experience. 

“Wonderful staff and services in a beautiful location. Could not be happier. We will definitely stay at Motoyo Ishiya again in the future.”


Most of the rooms here come with a lush garden or majestic mountain view, so you can sip on complimentary hot green tea while admiring the picturesque scenery cosily.

Other features in this neat onsen ryokan include a souvenir store, a Noh play stage, and public indoor and outdoor spring baths.

Free WIFI is only available in the lobby section, so consider renting a WIFI pocket device or signing up for a mobile data plan before heading over to Motoyu Ishiya.

To allow their guests to experience a truly immersive ryokan stay, Motoyu Ishiya also served Japanese cuisine with the freshest regional ingredients.

One of the local popular dishes to try at this fancy onsen ryokan is Jibuni! 

Tip: Guests with tattoos are not allowed to use public facilities, including the public onsen. 

  • Address: 920-0165 Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Fukatanimachi chi 95, Japan 
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & famililes or groups of 6
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-7 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: Morimoto Station (5-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Hokuyo Dai Miharashi Park

6. Kuriya Yasohachi

kanazawa ryokan with private onsen - the low seating area of a Japanese-style room 
 with tatami flooring at Kuriya Yasohachi
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⭐️Score: 9.3/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga  |   🏩 Book Now at Agoda

Onsen ryokan with a beautiful zen garden is typically found in Japan.

But if a traditional ryokan with rice fields sounds more interesting to you, then staying at Kuriya Yasohachi is the right choice for you!

Located in Kaga, Kuriya Yasohachi is one of the highly-rated ryokan in Kanazawa.

Aside from being surrounded by tranquil greenery, you can admire the serene rice fields scenery comfortably on the sofa chairs in the ryokan lobby.

With elements like futon beds, paper drawings, shoji doors, and tatami flooring in the room, Kuriya Yasohachi provides their guests a true sense of cultural immersion.

Hot spring enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Kuriya Yasohachi has both indoor and outdoor baths.

There is an option of booking the outdoor bath for private use for an additional fee.

If the thought of bare-it-all Japanese onsen rule makes you feel nauseous, consider getting the spacious room with its very own private open-air bath in Kuriya Yasohachi.

Beautiful location, excellent service, top-notch kaiseki!! We stayed 3-nights in this wonderful ryokan in a room with a private open-air bath which overlooks a bamboo grove adjacent to a stream…the sound, the feel…zen-like. 


Other than the onsen soaking, the ryokan guests can book a spa session or the karaoke room to keep them occupied with fun activities.

Kuriya Yasohachi guests are eligible for the free shuttle between the Kaga Onsen Station and the onsen ryokan.

As for driving guests, they can park for free within the ryokan’s compound!

With the prominent traditional Japanese hospitality experience and tranquil surroundings offered by this onsen ryokan in Kanazawa, you are bound to enjoy your stay at Kuriya Yasohachi. 

Tip: Free WIFI service is only available in public areas. 

  • Address: 62, Kaga-city, Ishikawa, Kaga, Kaga, Japan, 922-0139
  • Suitable for: Couple & family or group of 5
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 2 pm & 11 am
  • Nearest Station: Kaga Onsen Station (5-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Kakusenkei Gorge

7. Araya Totoan

best ryokan kanazawa - the private onsen inside a room surrounded by lush greenery at Araya Totoan
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⭐️Score: 8/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga   |   🏩 Book Now at Agoda

If planning a stay in an 800-year-old traditional onsen ryokan when visiting Kanazawa makes you scream in excitement like “100% FREAKING YES”, then Araya Totoan is absolutely the right place for you!

From the moment you step into your room with its intricate tatami flooring and shoji door, to the hypnotic garden views right outside your window, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time at Araya Totoan.

Operated by the same family for more than 15 generations, all of the 18 rooms at Araya Totoan are decorated with prized pottery wares and paintings most notably from the famous Japanese painter, Kitaoji Rosanjin.

For more privacy and a truly immersive experience, consider booking one of Araya Totaon expansive rooms with an indoor open-air bath.

Amenities such as free toiletries, towels, and refrigerators are provided to make your stay even more comfortable.

WIFI service is only available in the common area of the ryokan.

At night, guests at Araya Totoan can rent the Go set or enjoy the onsen or massage session for more relaxation after spending the whole day exploring the city. 

Being almost a century-old onsen ryokan, you can expect the traditional Kaga-styled kaiseki course in Araya Totoan to be authentically prepared with the freshest regional ingredients.

After you are done with the scrumptious dinner, end your day with a visit to its charming Arisugawa-Sanso lounge for a drink; a secluded wooden cottage that was once frequented by the Imperial Family for more than a century ago.

So if you are up to experiencing the traditional Japanese vibes stay at a beautifully-preserved onsen ryokan in Kanazawa with almost a millennium’s history, you will not regret choosing Araya Totoan.

  • Address: 18-119 Ko, Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga, Japan, 922-0242
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & families or groups of 4
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: From 2 pm & until 11 am
  • Nearest Station: Kaga Onsen Station (15-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Kutani-yaki Kiln Museum

8. Yunokuni Tensyo

kanazawa ryokan - the spacious indoor onsen of  Yunokuni Tensyo
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⭐️Score: 8.5/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga  |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

Yunokuni Tensyo is probably one of the most unique or rather one-of-a-kind onsen ryokan in Kanazawa.

That’s because Yunokuni Tensyo has a total of 18 indoor and outdoor onsen baths within its massive, multi-level complex!

You can experience the pleasant onsen-soaking activity in private by booking a room with its personal open-air bath or dip into one of the many soothing public onsens in Yunokuni Tensyo.

The staff were very polite and friendly, and there were a lot of activities. The onsen baths were great!


There are two room options to choose from when staying in this refined ryokan; the spacious traditional Japanese room with traditional elements like tatami flooring and futon beds or the chic Western-styled rooms.

Either way, both room types are furnished with modern amenities, including TV, kettles, refrigerator, toiletries, green teas, and more so the guests are comfortable throughout their stay in Yunokuni Tensyo.

With free WIFI service available within the compound, you can easily update your Instagram account with the Instagrammable shots taken in Kanazawa or stay connected with your friends and family members.

In addition to its delightful atmosphere, Yunokuni Tensyo offers plenty of facilities for their guests’ convenience.

These include a in-house restaurant, cafe, vending machines, and souvenir store.

If you are looking to loosen your nerve during this Kanazawa holiday trip, treat yourself to a massage service or shout your lungs out in some karaoke sessions at the ryokan.

Or if you are feeling active and bold, you can even rent a bike to explore the city or have a dance-off with other guests in its onsite nightclub!

So if you are looking for a traditional-modern fusion best onsen ryokan in Kanazawa that can cater to almost every need you have, Yunokuni Tensyo will definitely suit your preference.

Tip: The spacious rooms at Yunokuni Tensyo can be sold out fast, especially during the peak seasons. So make sure to make your booking at least 3 months early before your visiting date. 

  • Address: 922-0298 Ishikawa, Kaga, Yamashiro Onsen 19-49-1, Japan
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & families or groups of 6 people
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-6 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: Kaga Onsen Train Station (10-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Kutaniyaki Art Museum, Hattori Shrine

9. Hanamurasaki

kanazawa onsen ryokan - the private onsen bath with the garden view at Hanamurasaki
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⭐️Score: 8.9/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga  |   🏩 Book Now at Agoda

Highly rated for its cleanliness and great facilities, Hanamurasaki is perfect for those who are looking for a luxurious stay when visiting Kanazawa.

This 4-star onsen ryokan is located near the magnificent Kakusenkei Gorge, so you can expect to be surrounded by mesmerising nature scenery throughout your relaxing stay at Hanamurasaki regardless of the season.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a room that comes with either the lovely garden view, mountain view, or valley view over here.

If you want to have more privacy for yourself and your family members, consider getting their spacious suite with an open-air bath overlooking the stunning autumn foliage or lush greenery or snowy landscape.

Each room is equipped with plenty of modern comforts too, including free WIFI, kettle, toiletries, fridge, private bathroom, and TV.

There’s even a public onsen, spa, restaurant, cafe, bar, and souvenir store for you to explore.

As for the meals, Hanamurasaki serves authentic traditional kaiseki course meals prepared with seasonal ingredients in the dining room.

Arrive after about 15 minutes on the shuttle bus from the station. The staff and food were really good. It’s nice to be able to choose the content of the meal, and I’m very satisfied with the service


You can also take advantage of its onsite laundromat service to wash and clean your laundry.

This is particularly useful when you don’t want to overpack for a 3-week Japan or more exploration.

So if you are looking to pamper yourself for a luxury stay in an onsen ryokan in Kanazawa, Hanamurasaki is going to exceed your expectation with its excellent amenities and top-notch facilities.

Tip: There is a designated area for smoking at Hanamurasaki. 

  • Address: 1-Ho17-1, Higashimachi, Kaga, Kaga, Japan, 922-0114
  • Suitable for: Couple and family or group of 7
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 2 pm-6 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: Kaga Onsen Station (10-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Kutani Kinuya, Matsuura Sake Brewery

10. Rurikoh

private onsen kanazawa - the spacious room at Rurikoh with separate seating and resting area
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⭐️Score: 8/10   | 📍 Location: Kaga  |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

Rurikoh is one of the top onsen ryokan in Kanazawa offering an immersive experience of Japanese culture to their guests.

Aside from the great facilities and hospitality, this traditional ryokan offers free parking to the driving guests.

If you are travelling around Japan and to Kanazawa by public transportation, Rurikoh also offers a free station-to-ryokan shuttle service.

Guests can opt for either Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and traditional seating areas or modern Western-style rooms equipped with beds and their frames over here.

All the rooms are air-conditioned too, supplied with amenities like TVs, toiletries, fridges, and private bathrooms.

If you would like to soak in the hot bath away admiring the tranquil greenery alone, you can opt for Rurikoh’s rooms with an open-air bath.

My fiance and I spent one night here and it felt AMAZING. We stayed in a deluxe room with our own open air-bath and we couldn’t have had a better experience. The place was huge and the stone bath easily fit two large Westerners. 


But don’t worry if you are travelling with a strict budget; you can still have all the space to yourself by reserving the public onsen for private use!

For those looking to take a break after spending the day before exploring Kanazawa’s popular sightseeing spots, Rurikoh also has its own garden, sauna and bar.

You can also cycle around Kaga leisurely by renting a bicycle from this wonderful onsen ryokan.

Tip: The rooftop swimming pool in Rurikoh is only accessible to guests in summer. 

  • Address: 922-0295 Ishikawa, Kaga, Yamashiroonsen 19-58-1, Japan
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & families or groups of 4
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-7 pm & 11 am
  • Nearest Station: Kaga Onsen Station (15-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Kutani-yaki Kiln Museum, Coco Gallery

11. Yuya Ruru Saisai

kanazawa ryokan private onsen -the outer view of Yuya Ruru Saisai building facing the river
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⭐️Score: 8.3/10   | 📍 Location: Kanazawa  |   🏩 Book Now at Agoda

Want to experience a quiet, tranquil stay in an onsen ryokan next to a river bank while still staying near Kanazawa city?

Well, Yuya Ruru Saisai is the right ryokan to book!

To ensure their guests’ comfort, this popular traditional Japanese inn offers the amenities of a modern hotel with the charm and hospitality of a centuries-old ryokan.

From free WIFI to complimentary car parking to soothing massage services, Yuya Ruru Saisai has something for everyone.

If you are looking for pampering yourself for a premium experience stay in Kanazawa, consider getting Yuya Ruru Saisai’s Suite with an Open-Air Bath.

This place was fabulous. The room was large, clean, and had a beautiful view from the veranda. 


Most rooms in Yuya Ruru Saisai feature a view of the garden or river too, so you can enjoy nature’s beauty from the comfort of your room all day long.

If you need your caffeine craving fixed in the morning, walk over to its in-house cafe conveniently for a cup or two.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a hearty Asian breakfast comfortably in the spacious restaurant overlooking the river and sky as the morning ray shines through.

Tip: Yuya Ruru Saisai offers complimentary luggage storage service to their guests.

  • Address: 7-1 Kiyokawa-machi, Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Japan, 921-8032
  • Suitable for: Couples & families or groups of 5
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm & 11 am
  • Nearest Station: Nomachi Train Station (5-minute walk)
  • Nearest Attractions: Myoryuji Ninja Temple, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

12. Ryokan Karasawa

ryokan kanazawa - the view of the Japanese-style room and garden at Ryokan Karasawa
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⭐️Score: 8.2/10   | 📍 Location: Kanazawa  |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

Staying in the city centre when visiting Kanazawa might be a good idea especially when you are relying on public transportation to get around.

And one of the best centrally located onsen ryokan in Kanazawa to book is Ryokan Karasawa.

Located about a 5-minute ride away from JR Kanazawa Station, the ryokan guests can enjoy free station-to-onsen shuttle service too.

Ryokan Karasawa offers spacious traditional Japanese and Western-styled room options to their lodgers, so you can choose according to your liking.

I had a fairly new room which was clean and the bed was comfortable. The Japanese-style hot spring (onsen) was really relaxing. Japanese-style breakfast was excellent.


Ryokan Karasawa also has a cafe and bar within its compounds so you do not need to travel far for a cup of coffee during the day or a cocktail in the evening.

If you want to explore the city at your own pace, you can rent a bicycle from the friendly staff at the counter.

And when you are in a stunning onsen ryokan like Ryokan Karasawa, you could not miss out dipping in the public indoor hot spring bath after a long day of sightseeing!

Alternatively, you can have a stroll around its beautiful Japanese garden to soak up the Zen vibe or play a tennis game or two with other guests at the ryokan.

If searching for breakfast is not on your Kanazawa travel to-do list, you will be glad that Ryokan Karasawa offers a room-Japanese-style breakfast bundle deal upon booking too!

Tip: All the rooms in Ryokan Karasawa are non-smoking.

  • Address: 1-102, Fujie Minami, Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Japan, 920-0346
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples & families or groups of 6
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm & 11 am
  • Nearest Station: JR Kanazawa Station (5-minute ride)
  • Nearest Attractions: Tsuzumi Gate, Nomura Family Samurai House

13. Grandia Housen

ryokan in kanazawa - the open-air onsen bath at Grandia Housen
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⭐️Score: 7.6/ 10   | 📍 Location: Awara  |   🏩 Book Now at Booking.com

If you prefer to stay at an amazing onsen ryokan in Awara when exploring Kanazawa, then Grandia Housen is your best option.

The Japanese-style rooms come with woven tatami flooring, futon beds, and a seating area decorated with paper paintings.

I stayed in the hotel with my partner and both of us were deeply satisfied with the food and services of the hotel. Both dinner and breakfast were served with local freshness, which was really fantastic. 


This magnificent ryokan also has comfy bed-and-bedframe-inclusive Western room settings.

As for the amenities, you can expect all rooms to be air-conditioned and equipped with free WIFI, flat-screen TV, toiletries, refrigerator, coffee machine, and kettle.

If you want to relax and have fun without venturing out of the onsen ryokan, you can opt for the pampering massage and spa sessions.

Alternatively, you can also take a rejuvenating dip in the public hot spring bath both indoors and outdoors of Grandia Housen.

Tip: If you’re feeling extra luxurious or want to have some privacy with your partner, you can even reserve the onsen for private use.

And while you are at Grandia Housen, make sure not to miss its complimentary breakfast and mouthwatering kaiseki dinner to cross the “experiencing true Japanese hospitality from your travel bucket list!

  • Address: 910-4193 Fukui, Awara, Funatsu 43-26, Japan
  • Suitable for: Solo travellers, couples, and families or groups of 9 people
  • Check-in & Check-out Timings: 3 pm-7 pm & 10 am
  • Nearest Station: JR Awara Onsen Station (1-minute walk)
  • Nearest Attractions: Hasshochi Park, Yunomachi Park 

FAQs: Onsen Ryokan In Kanazawa

1. Where is Kanazawa?

Located about 3 hours’ train ride away from Tokyo, Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture. It is known for its well-preserved samurai districts, beautifully restored residences, and museums. Kanazawa also houses one of Japan’s top three landscape gardens – Kenrokuen.

ryokan kanazawa - the pond with beautiful plants and trees at Kenrokuen in Kanazawa
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2. How to get to Kanazawa from Tokyo? 

You can get to Kanazawa from Tokyo in 3 ways:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Air

By Train

International travellers can make use of the convenient JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Line to travel between Tokyo and Kanazawa.

This is a fast and comfortable way to travel, taking about 2.5 to 3 hours for a one-way trip with a fare of 14 000 yen (US$107).

And the good news? JR pass holders can ride the shinkansen train for free!

By Bus

If you are more of a budget traveller, boarding a bus from Tokyo to Kanazawa might suit you better.

A one-way bus ride between these two Japanese cities will take about 7 to 8 hours.

Depending on the travel season and bus company, the bus fare can go up to 8000 yen (US$62) per person.

You can also get one for as low as 3000 yen (US$23) per trip.

To reserve your bus ticket, you can do so through Willer or Japan Bus Online websites.

By Air

Alternatively, you can consider flying from the capital city and reaching Kanazawa within an hour.

The flight route is typically serviced by Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

For this ultra-fast transportation mode, expect to fork out 25 000 yen (US$191) for a one-way flight from Tokyo to Kanazawa.

The arrival airport nearest to Kanazawa is Komatsu Airport, about a 40-minute bus ride away from the city centre. The bus fare will cost about 1200 yen (US$10).

Book your airport transport from your hotel to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport fuss-free with this private transfer.

Family-Friendly Ryokan In Kanazawa: Round-Up

  1. Takitei
  2. Matsusaki
  3. Hatori
  4. Sumiyoshiya 
  5. Motoyu Ishiya
  6. Kuriya Yasohachi
  7. Araya Totoan
  8. Yunokuni Tensyo
  9. Hanamurasaki
  10. Rurikoh
  11. Yuya Ruru Saisai
  12. Ryokan Karasawa
  13. Grandia Housen
ryokan in kanazawa - the open-air onsen bath at Grandia Housen
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Popular Couple Onsen Ryokan In Kanazawa: Round-Up

Luxury Ryokan Kanazawa With Onsen: Round-Up

  1. Takitei
  2. Motoyu Ishiya
  3. Hanamurasaki
luxury ryokan kanazawa - the inner design and decor of a Japanese room at Motoyu Ishiya
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Kanazawa Ryokan With Private Onsen: Round-Up 

  1. Takitei
  2. Matsusaki
  3. Hatori
  4. Sumiyoshiya 
  5. Motoyu Ishiya
  6. Kuriya Yasohachi
  7. Araya Totoan
  8. Yunokuni Tensyo
  9. Hanamurasaki
  10. Rurikoh
  11. Yuya Ruru Saisai
  12. Ryokan Karasawa
  13. Grandia Housen

Things To Bring To Public Japanese Onsen: 5 basic items

Japan is renowned for its public onsen, or hot springs.

Everyone should experience soaking in the onsen at least once in their lifetime when visiting Japan! 

Found in traditional ryokan and other establishments all over the country, these baths are a great way to relax after a long day of exploring.

For those new to the experience, here are some things to bring before heading to a public onsen:

1. Soap and Shampoo

While some onsen provides shampoo, it is always better to bring your own so you know you’ll have exactly what you need!

Prevent liquid leak throughout the travel journery with these cute little travel bottles for toiletries!

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2. Shower Caddy

Store all the toiletries like soap and shampoo for easy transfer and access.

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3. Towels

Bring a small towel for washing off after the onsen and one larger towel for drying off after your bath.

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4. Flip Flops

The traditional Japanese onsen experience involves wearing nothing but a towel, so it is always a good idea to bring along some flip-flops to keep your feet warm and dry while walking around the facility.

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5. Yukata or Bathrobe

To ensure you stay warm after a visit to the hot springs, consider bringing along an absorbent bathrobe that is both lightweight and easy to dry.

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Japanese Hot Spring Bath Etiquettes: What You Need To Know

Visiting a public onsen is a unique cultural experience for international travellers in Japan.

With that in mind, certain etiquettes should be observed before entering the onsen.

Here are 5 dos and don’ts of Japanese hot spring bath etiquette:


1. Take off all your jewellery before getting in the bath

2. Wash yourself thoroughly before going in the onsen

3. Speak quietly and be respectful of other bathers

4. Cover your tattoo if the onsen permits

5. Bring a small towel to cover yourself if needed


1. Do not immerse your head or hair in the onsen

2. Do not wear swimsuits in the bath

3. Do not splash or make loud noises

4. Do not put any products, such as oils or bubble baths into the hot spring

5. Do not enter if you have any open wounds or cuts

best onsen ryokan kanazawa - the entrance to the female's public onsen
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Final Thoughts: Onsen Ryokan In Kanazawa

So there you go- the best 13 onsen ryokan in Kanazawa to stay at for the ultimate relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment!

If you planning a solo trip to Kanazawa, make sure to bookmark this page so that you can access the information quickly.

Or if you are visiting this beautiful city soon with your friends or family members, cut short the research process and share this article with them instead!

Have fun soaking in the hot bath while admiring the stunning scenery at Kanazawa!

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