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Tokyo Treat Review In 2023: A Quick Read (100% Unbiased)

Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links and I may get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

Additional Disclaimer: Tokyo Treat sent me a Spooktacular Snackin’ snack box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this article are based on my personal experience with Tokyo Treat. Thank you.

So you stumbled upon the Tokyo Treat Japanese snack subscription service and you want to read an unbiased Tokyo Treat review. 

Maybe you are new to the snack world and would love to get your hands on snacks in Japan through a popular snack subscription service. 

Or maybe you travelled to Japan before and you missed indulging in a variety of authentic Japanese snacks. 

Or perhaps you learn about Tokyo Treat during a chit-chat session with a neighbour who just got their snack box, but you are not sure if it is for you.  

Well, you have come to the right place. 

This detailed Tokyo Treat review covers my zero-filter personal experience with the Tokyo Treat snack box. 

I will also share information on the available subscription plans, shipping, and useful tips to know about Tokyo Treat subscription before you decide whether Tokyo Treat is worth it for yourself.

Let’s get into it! 

Already know about Tokyo Treat and would love to get the Japanese snacks subscription plan?

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So.. What Is Tokyo Treat?

Based in Tokyo, Tokyo Treat is a subscription company that ships Japanese snack boxes all the way from Japan to your doorstep every month. 

The Tokyo Treat snack box consists of 15 to 20 full-sized Japanese snacks

The snack and sweets are chosen based on the monthly theme or festival (think autumn season, Halloween, etc), so you can expect to receive a variety and unique Japanese snack flavours monthly! 

Here is the list of the snack types that can be found in a Tokyo Treat box:

  • Exclusive Japanese Drinks
  • Rare Japanese KitKat Flavours
  • Crazy Japanese Candy Flavours
  • Japanese Instant Ramen
  • Crunchy Chips & Salty Snacks
  • Cakes, Cookies + Bread

Note: Starting in December 2021, Tokyo Treat no longer offers Classic Plan

So Tokyo Treat currently offers only 1 type of Japanese snack box with 4 different subscription plans (monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month plans). 

Who is Tokyo Treat For?

If you want to get your hands on quirky or exclusive Japanese snacks without travelling to Japan, Tokyo Treat is for you. 

Tokyo Treat is also a great option for those who have heard of the good things about snacks in Japan and want to dabble in the exciting Japanese snacks world. 

Or maybe you can gift it to your friend or family member as a pleasant surprise!

tokyo treat reviews - the culture booklet and several snacks from Tokyo Treat
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Fun fact: Japanese snacks are one of the things that Japan is known for.

How Does Tokyo Treat Subscription Work?

Tokyo Treat has several subscription plans. Once subscribed, customers will receive a specially curated Japanese snack box based on the monthly theme. 

Since Tokyo Treat delivers snack boxes worldwide, you can indulge in limited-edition and famous snacks from Japan regardless of your location. 

How Much Does Tokyo Treat Cost? (4 Available Subscription Plans)

Tokyo Treat has a monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, and annual snack box subscription

The annual subscription (12 months) of Tokyo Treat costs US$390, which comes up to  US$32.50 per month. 

If you choose to subscribe to the Tokyo Treat monthly, you will be charged US$37.50. 

That means you will have greater savings ($60) by signing up for the annual Tokyo Treat subscription! 

Below is the latest Tokyo Treat pricing for all the subscription plans:

Tokyo Treat Subscription PlanPricing/Month (USD)Billing Cycle
Monthly Plan$37.50Billed monthly
3-Month Plan$35.50Billed quarterly
6-Month Plan$33.50Billed bi-annually
12-Month Plan$32.50Billed annually 

Tip: Tokyo Treat does not offer refunds. Anyway, you can cancel your snack box subscription anytime through the Customer Portal. 

Once the cancellation is done, you will not be charged after the current cycle ends. 

So if you do not wish to continue your Tokyo Treat subscription, you need to cancel your plan manually. 

Tokyo Treat will automatically charge your debit or credit card for the new month (monthly plan) or cycle snack box (3-month, 6-month or 12-month plans) if there is no action from your side.  

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Tokyo Treat Shipping: What You Need To Know

The Tokyo Treat shipping cost is billed separately. 

For example, if you want a 12-month snack box subscription plan, you need to pay the pricing for 12 boxes PLUS 12 shipping fees.

Currently, Tokyo Treat categorises the recipient country into 4 groups with respective shipping methods, shipping fees, and delivery duration. 

It is either free (60 to 90 days), US$10.50 (2 to 14 days) or US$12.50 (2 to 14 days or 7 to 28 days). 

Check out Tokyo Treat’s FAQ page to learn more about the shipping cost and duration.

Tip: Most shipping methods come with a tracking feature so you can keep tracking your snack box and anticipate its arrival!   

Personal experience: I was based in Malaysia when I received the October 2022 Spooktacular Snackin’ box. And I got it after waiting for 5 days! 

tokyo treat review - 15 Japanese snacks and treats from Tokyo Treat 2022
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Tokyo Treat: My Unboxing Video

I recorded an unboxing video for my October 2022 Tokyo Treat snack box. Enjoy!

Tokyo Treat Box: What Is In My October Japanese Snack Box 

I only realised that Halloween takes place in October when I received my Tokyo Treat box.

Thanks to the catchy orangey-purplish packaging box with some cute Halloween icons printed on it! 

My snack box comes with 14 items of various kinds (sweets, dagashi, etc) plus 1 drink. 

The Tokyo Treat team put much effort into creating a festive mood, starting from the packaging box and through the snack and sweets selection with Halloweenised wrappings.

It is the little things that make the heart go “Aww”. 

Here is the list of the items in my Spooktacular Snackin’ October 2022 from Tokyo Treat: 

  1. Purushu Jelly x Sparkling Grape Soda
  2. KitKat Halloween Sweet Potato
  3. Tokyo Layer Loaf Maple Pumpkin
  4. Halloween Tohato Caramel Corn
  5. Tirol Choco Madame Gelée
  6. Umaibo Tonkatsu Sauce
  7. Halloween Pizza Corn Snack
  8. Halloween New Mochi Taro
  9. Crackle Panic Grape
  10. Mini Monster Candy Strip
  11. Blue & Green Colour Changing Gum
  12. Sour Monster Gum
  13. Sakeru Gummy Halloween Apple
  14. Halloween Fugashi 
  15. Peyong “Squid Ink” Yakisoba

Since all the snacks are from Japan, you can expect to see Japanese writing on the individual snack packaging. 

And that means most likely you will have zero ideas what that snack is or what it tastes like by judging by its exterior if you don’t know Japanese. 

Hence, each Tokyo Treat box comes with a culture booklet that contains the snack names, photos, and a short description of each snack. 

tokyo treat shipping cost - the Tokyo Treat booklet showing the snack names and respective descriptions
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The booklet also lists out the typical allergens that can be found in each snack and whether the snack is vegetarian-friendly. 

This helpful information is easy to skim through, allowing people with certain allergies or dietary restrictions to snack on the Japanese treats with peace of mind. 

Apart from that, the booklet mentions the Halloween culture in Japan, haunted places to go to, and even the top Japanese horror films to watch while snacking on. 

I have tried every snack in this Spooktacular Snackin’ box. Here are my favs: 

The Eye-Catching Snack

Tirol Choco Madame Gelee caught my attention as I unboxed Tokyo Treat. This raspberry-flavoured chocolate packaging exudes a mysterious vibe with the black and red colour palettes.   

The Quirkiest Treat

Crackle Panic Grape definitely deserves this title. I was not expecting the crackling pop sensation as the candy piece melted in my mouth. Delightful!

The Best Combo Pairing

I am glad to have the chance to try on the limited-edition Kitkat Halloween Sweet Potato. This chocolate is slightly too sweet for my liking. But when I ate it with Purushu Jelly x Sparkling Grape Soda, that was one of my best pairings ever.    

The G-Snack-O-A-T (My Version)

I adore Tokyo Layer Loaf Maple Pumpkin! I love the softness and fluffiness of the pumpkin bread as I bite into this snack. That just feels so heavenly! 

Tokyo Treat Review: Zero Fluff Pros & Cons

What I Like 

What I like about Tokyo Treat is their effort in creating the promised atmosphere based on the theme through the packing box, colourful wrappings, and snacks and sweets selection. 

Like Blue & Green Colour Changing Gum for a Halloween-themed snack box? You bet this sweet lives up to the festival!

The Tokyo Treat Japanese snack box comes with a variety of sweet and savoury treats, so I had a wonderful time indulging in snacks from Japan of different tastes and textures.  

Since I don’t understand Japanese, I appreciate Tokyo Treat’s gesture in providing a culture guidebook listing brief descriptions of each snack and what to expect. 

Other Pros of Tokyo Treat Subscription

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Offers convenience: You can get limited-edition Japanese snacks (and other authentic local treats) in the comfort of your home without flying to Japan
  • Can surprise your loved ones by gifting the snack box to them
tokyo treat review - KitKat wrapping with a Halloween zombie from Tokyo Treat
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Limited-edition KitKat Halloween Sweet Potato

Things To Be Improved

I personally do not like sourish stuff. It sends chills down my spine. 

When I knew there were sourish treats in the box (I know that is unavoidable), I took several deep breaths and mentally prepared myself for the imminent acidic, tangy punch. 

Since there is no snack customisation feature available for the Tokyo Treat box, I only had two options at that point; take it or leave it. 

So it would be great for Tokyo Treat to consider offering this customisation feature to their customers so that they can enjoy their Japanese snack box to the fullest. 

Other Cons of Tokyo Treat Subscription

  • Might be pricey to some (snack box + shipping cost)
  • Need to cancel the subscription manually before the new cycle starts

Into dagashi but already finished snacking on Tokyo Treat? You can always replenish them (like Umaibo Japanese corn puffed) by buying them at Amazon!

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Helpful points to Know Before Subscribing Tokyo Treat Snack Box

  • Shipping cost is billed separately. For example, if you sign up for a 6-month plan from Tokyo Treat, you will need to pay the price of 6 snack boxes AND 6 shipping fees. 
  • The shipping method is fixed based on the country groups. Based on Tokyo Treat’s FAQ page, customers are not allowed to choose a particular shipping method for their snack box. The shipping method is assigned to the recipient country group. 
  • The subscription plan automatically renews when the current cycle ends. Since Tokyo Treat does not send reminders to their customers, you can log into the customer portal and check on the plan renewal date. Make sure to cancel your subscription in advance or you will be billed for the new cycle. 

The Big Question: Is Tokyo Treat Worth It?

Overall, I am pleased with my Tokyo Treat snack box. 

The company put a lot of effort into creating a festive vibe to match the theme through box packaging, individual wrappings, and treats selection. There are plenty of snack varieties with different textures and tastes so the whole snacking experience is fascinating. 

On my way to creating a reminder to sign up for Tokyo Treat Japanese snack box in autumn so that I get to experience authentic sakura-inspired treats!

is tokyo treat worth it - the mini sized snacks and treats from Tokyo Treat
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FAQs: Tokyo Treat Review

1. When will I receive my Tokyo Treat Japanese snack box?

It depends on the recipient country’s address. Estimated delivery time is either 2 to 14 business days, 7 to 28 business days, or 60 to 90 days after shipping. Most shipping methods come with a tracking feature, so you can check on the shipment progress.

Check out Tokyo Treat’s shipping information article for more details. 

2. Will my Tokyo Treat subscription automatically renew?

Yes. If you subscribe to any of the Tokyo Treat snack box plans, your plan will automatically renew when the new cycle starts. 

So if you do not wish to receive new Tokyo Treat snack boxes, you need to cancel your plan in advance or you will be billed once the current cycle ends.

3. Can I cancel my Tokyo Treat subscription plan? 

Yes. Log into your Customer Portal on the Tokyo Treat website and cancel your subscription plan anytime. 

4. Can I send a snack box from Tokyo Treat to my family members/friends/colleagues as a gift? 

Yes. Simply fill in the recipient’s information and your billing details after purchasing Tokyo Treat’s Gift Plan. The recipient will receive a claim link through email. The gift can be redeemed once the recipient fills in their delivery address. As usual, you will be charged for the shipping cost. 

Check out the Tokyo Treat website for more information on the Gift Plan

tokyo treat review - 2 people holding Sparkling Soda Grape & Pumpkin Bread on the road
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My mum & I were enjoying Tokyo Layer Loaf Maple Pumpkin with Purushu Jelly x Sparkling Grape Soda after the rain

5. How about Tokyo Treat customer service?

Frankly, I didn’t have the chance to contact their customer service as I received my snack box in good condition within the stipulated delivery time. 

Based on what I have found, Tokyo Treat customer service is responsive and helpful in solving the issues faced by their customers.  

6. Tokyo Treat VS Sakuraco: What Is The Major Difference?

Another brainchild of Ayumi Chikamoto, Sakuraco is another sister brand of Tokyo Treat. Tokyo Treat aims to share modern and quirky Japanese snacks and treats. As for Sakuraco, this subscription snack service specialises in curating traditional Japanese snacks, sweets, and teas manufactured by Japanese family-owned businesses. 

Tokyo Treat Review: It Is Time To Make Your Move

Here you go- my 100% unbiased Tokyo Treat review that you can rely on. 

Tokyo Treat is a subscription service that ships snack boxes containing authentic modern Japanese sweets and treats. They curate the snack list (that includes limited-edition snacks) based on the theme or season every month. 

If you are not ready to commit to a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan, you can just subscribe to a monthly plan and cancel it once you receive your first Tokyo Treat box. 

Well, in this way, at least you will know whether does Tokyo Treat suit you without overspending and overthinking.

You can always check on the website to learn about the upcoming box themes and snack selections before making your move. 

If you want to surprise your loved one or colleagues with a Japanese snack box, you can do so by getting the Gift Plan from Tokyo Treat too. 

I hope this Tokyo Treat review article answers all the queries you might have about this Japanese snack subscription service.

And if you find this article useful, I would appreciate it if you share it with other Japanophiles!   

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